About Us

In 2006, our company was founded by a group of dynamic business professionals, bringing experience in customer service, traditional retail, technology, legal, and marketing. From there, we have grown and diversified even more. Today, we run eBabysitters.com in an effort to bridge the gap between babysitters and parents who ultimately, need each other’s services. We just couldn’t accept that finding a sitter last minute, or finding a babysitter after moving into a new town, could be so timely and difficult.

We saw two separate entities; parents and babysitters. Parents often prefer to find a babysitter within their family or social circle, feeling more confident going to someone who is known and referred by a friend or acquaintance. Then we saw the main problem, people that met these qualifications are far and few between. There’s usually only one teenager on the block, and you’d have to reserve them three months in advance, and there just aren’t enough cousins that qualify as a proper fit for handling your children. On the other side, we also knew people who had a side job as a babysitter. Unfortunately, their babysitting jobs were too sporadic to make the extra money they were hoping for. Alas, the idea was molded; we want to fuse these two groups together, in a safe, simple and practical way.

A few of us collaborated to bring together our diverse and qualified management team, and we brought on a team of accomplished individuals to bring our dream to fruition; eBabysitters.com. Our priorities are to be able to offer our customers a simple solution to a commonly stressful problem. We are driven to continuously bring the most innovative solutions into our workplace, and in turn, for that to make your experience with eBabysitters always a pleasant one, from customer service, to your relationships with our babysitters, and throughout your experiences as a whole.

Today, it is these fundamentals, the hard work, dedication and the group of talented people who have made eBabysitters.com what it is. We are a group of professionals striving to bring you a simple, safe and affordable way to find childcare, whenever you need it.

In September of 2011, we decided to drop the ‘e’ and become just Babysitters.net.  This was a part of a larger effort to make it easier for people to find us and to emphasize that our sitters are not ‘e’ they are real, verified, and ready to go to work. We also integrated with NannyPro.com to provide an even better experience for our sitters and families.