Babysitters Going Rate

10 Ways to Find the Going Rate for Babysitters Near You

Part of starting your babysitting business is setting an hourly rate. You’ll want to be competitive with other babysitters’ rates, but also be sure that you make enough to justify the loss of your free time. In order to set a rate consistent with others in your area, you’ll have to know what those sitters are charging. Here are some great ways to get the information.

  1. Ask Around – One of the best ways to figure out what to charge is to simply ask. Friends, family members and neighbors are usually happy to help out; asking what they usually pay a babysitter will provide you with lots of advice.
  2. Check Print Ads – Many babysitters advertise their services in local newspapers. Browse through these ads to get an idea of what they’re charging, and adjust your price accordingly.
  3. Local Online Classifieds – Websites like Craigslist and other local web-based classifieds are a great way to learn what people charge for all kinds of services. A quick glance at these sites will give you a good idea of what the going rate is.
  4. Local Online Message Boards – Discussion forums dedicated to your community are even better than the online classifieds, because you can see several peoples’ point of view. Find a thread that discusses childcare costs, and see what the local parents and caregivers alike have to say on the subject.
  5. Babysitting Websites – There are dozens of websites specifically designed for babysitters. In addition to suggesting a fair rate, they can also help you connect with local parents in search of a good babysitter.
  6. Online Base Pay Calculators – Some websites have interactive base pay calculators that make pricing a breeze. By entering a few details, you’ll get a general idea of how to price your services to parents.
  7. Factoring in All the Details – Remember that there are things that affect your pricing, such as the number of children and other details. If a child has special needs, the family has several children or they need housekeeping work done as well, it should be taken into consideration when quoting a price.
  8. Local Babysitting Lists – Some communities have a babysitter list, with the names and information of local babysitters. In addition to their contact information, most also state what each sitter charges. Obtaining a copy of these lists is a great way to inform yourself of the going rate in your community.
  9. Joining a Babysitters Collective – Most communities have some sort of club or guild for local babysitters. Joining one has many perks, one of which is advice on how to price your services competitively without short-changing yourself.
  10. Forums and Online Parenting Communities – Browsing message boards and forums dedicated solely to parents can teach you a lot about what parents expect from a babysitter, how much they’re willing to pay and what keeps them coming back to you for their childcare needs. Some are national, with sections broken down by locality, which will also help you determine what’s fair in your area.

Parents will always rehire a babysitter that does a great job for a fair price, so charging accordingly and keeping your charges safe and happy will put you on the road to a fun and rewarding way to make money in your community.