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10 Popular Books With Babysitting Tips

There are a lot of youngsters out there who are either starting to babysit, or they are thinking about “going into business”. They are the ones most likely to benefit from reading about their chosen “profession”. In response to this need, there have been numerous books written that pertain to the subject, or that contain relevant information for a sitter. Some of these books are novels, where readers can share in the adventures (and misadventures) of young babysitters. Others are non-fiction, described as manuals or handbooks. Listed here are some selections that may be of help to sitters of all ages, though most target a younger readership.

  1. Ultimate Baby-Sitter’s Survival Guide – This handbook, available through and other book sellers, offers many tips on how to establish a safe and profitable babysitting venture.
  2. The Babysitters Club – A series of novels written by Ann M. Martin (with more ghost-written by Peter Lerangis) and aimed at the same age group (early teens) as the characters in the books. The series is about a group of kids who set up a babysitting service, and the books became an enormously successful franchise.
  3. Babysitters Business Kit – Written by Harriet Brown, this well regarded manual should be a part of every sitters personal library. Supplies, checklists and survival tips are all to be found here.
  4. The New Complete Babysitters Handbook – Carol Barkin writes and Martha Westin illustrates this wonderful handbook that offers all kinds of practical advice and tips. Everything from telephone etiquette to diaper changing is covered in this comprehensive book.
  5. The What to Expect Babysitters Handbook – Heidi Murkoff, author of the handbook, is a recognized child-care expert who has written many books and articles on the subject of child-care. Tips and information are a specialty, on topics ranging from teething to discipline and feeding children.
  6. Complete Babysitting Kit – The “kit” is a great tool for sitters and parents alike, and it would be a good thing if every household had a copy of this book, which is chock-full of useful information and checklists.
  7. Babysitting Rules: A Guide for When You’re in Charge – For guidelines on adhering to a family’s structure, this is an indispensable book. Written in a format designed to be read by sitters, author Leah Browning covers such topics as bedtimes, meals and chores.
  8. Funtastic Babysitting Activities – This handy guide, written and edited by Kim Carlson, offers tips and instructions for all kinds of kids activities, especially useful on those rainy days when nobody seems to be able to come up with anything to do.
  9. Red Cross – The American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook should be in every babysitters’ backpack. Babysitters should get themselves certified in first aid and CPR, even if it isn’t a legal requirement for the job.
  10. Gerber – At sitters can read about all manner of topics pertaining to child-care, and parents and teens can also sign up for a series of guides and booklets that will then be mailed periodically.

There is no dearth of material for the young or aspiring babysitter, and many of these selections would be good for anybody who deals with children.