Babysitters Guild

10 Advantages of a Babysitters’ Guild

A babysitters’ guild is a collective of babysitters managed by an agency. Unlike a nanny agency, babysitters’ guilds don’t offer permanent placement services; instead, they make trustworthy and dependable childcare available on an as-needed basis. These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to consider using a babysitters’ guild the next time you need a care provider for your children.

  1. Reputation – Some guilds, the New York City branch in particular, have been in business and highly praised for more than a half-century. These guilds take pride in providing the best babysitters, and have sterling reputations as a result.
  2. Certifications – Nearly all babysitters’ guilds require CPR certification and first aid training, ensuring that any babysitters you meet through them are capable of handling emergency situations.
  3. Finding Childcare While Traveling – Traveling parents know that finding childcare in an unfamiliar city is a terrifying task. Trusting a virtual stranger with your children sight-unseen is unthinkable; babysitters’ guilds specialize in staffing competent sitters for visitors and tourists.
  4. Background Checks – In addition to the required certifications, one of the first steps in joining a babysitters’ guild is a thorough background check, including fingerprinting and checking for any criminal history.
  5. Specialized Skills – Often, members of babysitters’ guilds have specializations or skills in a particular area. Many members are bilingual, making communication with non-English-speaking families easy.
  6. Carefully Selected Members – The application process for most guilds is strenuous and lengthy, ensuring that only the best and most trustworthy individuals join. You can feel safe with a sitter selected from a guild, knowing that they’ve been selected with great care.
  7. Around the Clock Availability – Babysitters’ guilds almost always offer 24/7 availability, making it a breeze to find a sitter at odd hours or for extended shifts.
  8. Highly Experienced – A vast majority of guild members have a background in education or child development, with many having degrees in these areas. Guilds pride themselves on keeping such experienced sitters on staff, making it much easier for you to find a qualified caregiver.
  9. Ability to Request a Specific Sitter – If you’ve used their services before and have a sitter you’re particularly comfortable with, guilds make every effort to fill your request. Barring prior agreements or obligations, you’ll get the sitter you ask for.
  10. Professionalism – Because of the dedication to providing great service and maintaining a spotless reputation, the level of professionalism you’ll find with guild administrators and sitters alike is unparalleled.

For parents in search of a childcare provider, either at home or on the road, a babysitters guild can save many headaches. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that any sitter assigned to your children is thoroughly vetted and qualified is priceless, especially in a strange place.  These sitters are well-trained at soothing the frazzled nerves of children disoriented by traveling, so your youngsters gain some peace of mind as well.