Babysitters Jobs

10 Great Ways to Find Babysitting Jobs

You’ve got a well-stocked kit, your CPR certifications and have taken a babysitting class. Now all you need is a job! If you’re just starting out and are unsure of how to find work, here are some of the best ways to connect with local parents.

  1. Start With Extended Family – If you have younger cousins or other extended family that lives nearby, this is a great place to start. Because you already know your charges and they’re familiar with you as well, you’ll be able to get an idea of what’s expected of you without the added pressure of working with strangers. Once you’re confident with your abilities, they’ll be able to recommend you to other families that you know.
  2. Places of Worship – Much like extended family, people who share your church or place of worship are likely to be familiar with you. Many parents like the idea of hiring a sitter who shares their belief system as well, so ask about putting a notice in your church bulletin.
  3. Handbills and Fliers – A simple handbill with your contact information is easy to make at home with simple desktop publishing software. Pass them out to neighbors and have some on hand in case you run into someone that may find themselves in need of your services.
  4. Online Community Classifieds – Websites like Craigslist specialize in local classified ads, and are almost always free. When using unregulated public sites, be sure to communicate only through email at first; posting your personal information in an easily accessible ad isn’t usually a good idea.
  5. Print Ads – Local newspapers and free press are another way to draw clients, though they will require a small investment up front. If the cost isn’t an issue, print ads are a great way to reach parents.
  6. Local Parenting Websites – Many parenting websites have sections broken down by locality. Take advantage of this opportunity by explaining your goals and listing your certifications.
  7. Babysitters Agencies – Some babysitters agencies only accept sitters over 18, but there are a few that allow minors to sign up, as well.
  8. Word of Mouth – This is arguably the best possible way to find new clients, though it can be difficult to establish a reputation when you’re just beginning. By maintaining your good name and proving yourself to be trustworthy and dependable, you’ll find that parents will start recommending you.
  9. Locally Focused Message Boards – If there are online forums or message boards directed solely at your community, they can be a great way to advertize your services for free. Once again, be careful about releasing your personal information to strangers.
  10. Babysitters Collective – Whether you call it a “collective,” a “club” or a “guild,” most places have a community of babysitters that help each other find work and have regular meetings. Finding one in your town may be as easy as heading to your nearest search engine.

However you find your jobs, be sure to maintain a great reputation by doing each job cheerfully and with the level of maturity expected. Make sure to always show up on time. As your experience grows, so will your client list.