Babysitters Online

10 Ways to Find Babysitters Online

There are literally thousands and thousands of people nationwide who either need a babysitter or who want jobs babysitting, and there is a need for these people to be able to find each other. The internet has become a important tool for all concerned, and may now be the most effective way for sitters and families to meet. There are many online child-care agencies that do a very good job of matching potential employers with child-care professionals, from nannies to au pairs to babysitters. Some of those sites are listed here, as well as other ways to use the computer to fill a child-care need. Remember that a high-quality online agency will be able to conduct background checks, and they will also have a large talent pool to draw from, as well as offering payroll services which can save an employer a lot of headaches.

  1. www.nannypro.comBabysitters, elderly sitters, pet sitters and all kinds of “sitters” are listed here. You can visit this site to find a sitter or to become one, as job postings are one of the features. There are also info tidbits, articles and reference material offered that can make the search more fruitful.
  2. www.enannysource.comYou can post a profile here for caregivers to read. List your location, needs and requirements, and child-care professionals will be able to respond to your post. As with other sites of the kind, there are provisions for matching help to need throughout the country. If you move from one place to another your online agency can move right along with you.
  3. www.nannyclassifieds.comLike a dating service, people post their profiles and view those of others. Hopefully, the information provided will allow all parties to make good choices. There are also blogs and articles pertinent to child-care from many points-of-view.
  4. sitter cityPurveyors of “savvy sitters and knowledgeable nannies”, the Sitter City site can help you find certified child-care help wherever you live.
  5. craigslist – You can go to craigslist to find help. What you will find is help in your location. What you may not find, however, is qualified help, because there are very few requirements for listing on this site.
  6. Local Listings – Communities often have a local website, and this could be a good place to find local help. For aspiring sitters this is a good opportunity to present yourself to the community.
  7. Newspaper (online editions) – The classified ads that you see in a hard-copy of a newspaper will also be available in the online edition that most papers now have.
  8. College – Many colleges post jobs and job seekers online through a school website, or through the school information department.
  9. High School – The quality and scope of  high school websites vary, but many have a section devoted to student employment, with both “help wanted” and “work wanted” listings.
  10. The “Y” – Check out the site for your local YMCA. Most Y’s offer some form of day-care, and this can be an excellent place to find a job or proffer one.

Depending on your needs, one of the listings above should help you with your search for quality professional child-care.