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10 Great Blogs For Babysitters to Read

In addition to the entertainment that comes from a well-told anecdote about childcare, nanny blogs are a great source of information, hints and tips that can make your job easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re a full-time career nanny or a sometimes-babysitter, these blogs are filled with interesting reading. Sadly, some of these seem to be abandoned, but the existing material is definitely worth perusing.

  1. I Saw Your Nanny – Part blog and part watchdog site, I Saw Your Nanny is full of useful information for working childcare providers and parents alike. The unique format invites observers of unacceptable nanny behavior to share the details of the encounter in the hopes that the parents will see them and take action. Other posts are comprised of stories from caregivers, babysitters and nannies seeking advice and tips on dealing with various situations.
  2. This Melbourne Nanny – This Australian blog shoots from the childcare hip, with direct observations and even a few horror stories. Though it hasn’t been updated since the end of 2008, there is plenty of useful information along with some entertaining reading.
  3. All Things Nanny – Chronicling a nanny’s work and interests, there’s information about child-related charities and the blogger’s favorite books, games and activities. There’s a staggering amount of information to be found at All Things Nanny.
  4. It’s Not All Mary Poppins As this blogger states: “A childcare provider is expected to be to be a superhuman mix of the Madonna and Mary Poppins, ever patient, loving, kind, always delighting in the sweetness of her charges. I don’t do such a bad job, all in all, and it’s far more likely the parents than the children who strain my sanity, most days. But I’m here to tell you: It’s Not ALL Mary Poppins…”
  5. Planet Kid – Full of fun activity ideas and tips on various aspects of caring for children, anyone with children under their care will find this blog to be a goldmine. Discussion points, video clips and other entries make this a great read.
  6. Childcare Days – Stuffed to the gills with crafts, lessons and other suggestions, this gem is a must read for both babysitters and parents.
  7. The Nanny Time Bomb – Calling herself “investigator, writer, advocate for childcare reform and Agony Aunt for working parents and Nannies alike,” Nanny X shines a spotlight on many aspects of the childcare industry.
  8. The Green Fish Chronicles – Offering advice on building a website for childcare businesses and various industry-related news, this blog is directed at career caregivers from all walks of life.
  9. Wonder of Children – With a focus on the science of child development, this is essential material for babysitters and nannies. Educational games and activities are featured, along with other tips and ideas.
  10. Secrets of Baby Behavior – Anyone who cares for children and sometimes finds themselves baffled by the behavior of the infants in their care will love this insightful and fascinating exploration of baby behavior.

Whether you read these blogs for the tips and hints, or get a chuckle out of the exploits of other babysitters and nannies, this list only scratches the surface. The volume of available information is mind-boggling; you’re sure to find a favorite in the wilderness of the blogosphere.