Babysitting Needed

10 Places to List “Babysitter Wanted” Ads

Shopping for a babysitter can be a challenge. Sometimes the neighborhood sitters are all booked when you need one, and you may have to go further afield to find one. If you are new in an area, you will need to establish contacts. So, how do you find a sitter? You can talk with the neighbors to see who they use, or you may have to advertise your need if there aren’t a lot of sitters living right in your neighborhood. If you do decide to advertise, you will have multiple ways to do so, some of which are listed here.

  1. Library – The local library is likely to have a bulletin board where you can post a notice. Be sure to notch the flyer so people can take a copy of your phone number or e-mail.
  2. Flyers – Printed flyers can be placed in many locations, like the neighborhood pizza place or sandwich shop.
  3. Local Paper – Locals tend to read their local newspaper, so an ad placed in the classifieds can be a good way to get the word out. Before you place your advertisement check out the “work wanted” ads; you may find what you need, and save yourself some money.
  4. Online – Social networking may be a good option, and this is where sites like Facebook and Twitter can come in handy. The social networks are the way youngsters communicate, so tapping into this market may be a very effective tool.
  5. Colleges –  College kids are traditionally broke and are always looking for ways to make some quick money. Many were babysitters during their high school years, and would be good candidates for another babysitting job. Placing notices on school job boards, and giving your information to the human resources department can be effective.
  6. Word-of-Mouth – Asking your neighbors to put the word out that you need a sitter can be useful. If you don’t have a local sitter, the neighbors could be the folks who find you one.
  7. High Schools – High school girls account for a large percentage of babysitters and they may be your biggest potential labor pool. Many high schools have job listings posted, and there is often a coordinator at a school who can help make sure your needs are communicated to the right students.
  8. Child-Care Centers – Babysitters are often affiliated with child-care centers, and these centers are a good place to advertise for qualified care.
  9. The “Y” – The local YMCA is an example of an organization that can provide day-care, or contacts for in-home sitting. Places like the “Y” are also good choices if you need an older sitter.
  10. Shopping Center – Shopping centers and grocery stores often have notice boards where people can post a “help wanted” advertisement.

There are other places to advertise, and every neighborhood is different. You need a place or site that is visited by a lot of people with the qualifications you are looking for.