10 Common Results From Jumping on the Bed

May 21st, 2012 by admin

Few things are as tempting for kids as the forbidden fruit of jumping on the bed. When the slightest bounce can send parents scrambling to the door to put a stop to the fun, the whole idea becomes more and more alluring. Instead of reaching for the old standby “because I told you so,” here are ten things that can actually result from jumping on the bed.

  1. Damaged Mattress Springs – Spring mattresses can sustain damage from the pressure of kids, especially more than one, jumping up and down on it for an extended period of time. Simply forgetting to turn these types of mattresses periodically can lead to sagging; the weight of a group of jumpers can really do a number on them.
  2. Weakened Box Spring – The weight of one standing adult can compromise the integrity of a box spring; because they’re designed to support evenly-distributed weight from a body lying flat, the pressure can be quite damaging if the bed in question is a box spring model.
  3. Dents, Scratches and Holes in the Wall – Bouncing kids can find themselves hurtling into a wall, damaging the paint job with scratches, dents and even punching holes through drywall.
  4. Torn Bedclothes – One jumping kid can get tangled in bedding, causing rips and tears in addition to increasing the chance of falling. Adding more to the equation is just asking for demolished sheets and blankets.
  5. Pillow Fights – There’s something about jumping on the bed that is inextricably linked with a good-natured pillow fight. When there’s a disparity in size and strength between kids, however, this can also lead to blows that are harder than intended.
  6. Falls – Even the most agile kid can find themselves abruptly hitting the floor after a particularly wild jump; while bumps and bruises are part of being a kid, injuries sustained from these falls can be more serious.
  7. Broken Decorative Items – Lamps, alarm clocks or other items on a bedside table or hanging on a wall adjacent to the bed may be casualties of a jumping session. Out of control kid-bodies are able to make quick work of anything in their way, leaving shards of broken things everywhere.
  8. Collisions – Two or more jumping kids become exponentially more likely to crash into one another as beds get smaller; three kids on a twin bed are almost certain to collide in mid-air. As a result, bumped heads and injuries sustained from a fall are probable.
  9. Irritated Parents – An edict that forbids jumping on the bed very rarely happens only once. Most parents are forced to remind kids on a regular basis; eventually, the telltale signs are enough to irritate an adult immensely.
  10. Giggling Kids – Of all the likely results of jumping on the bed, this one is an absolute certainty. Left to their own devices and jumping to their hearts’ content will undeniably cause paroxysms of giggles, chuckles and belly laughs.

In a funny twist, the newer memory foam mattresses are more durable and can better withstand jumping, but are significantly lacking the “bounce factor” that makes it so fun in the first place.

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