10 Great Christmas Gifts for Your Babysitter

December 1st, 2011 by admin

If you have a regular babysitter that you really appreciate, you may want to show that appreciation through a holiday gift. It doesn’t have to be large or expensive, just a token that expresses your appreciation for their loyalty and dependability. Here’s some ideas for this Christmas.

  1. Babysitter Club Books – If your babysitter is in the tween age range, then they probably are reading the Babysitter Club series of books. They include good wholesome entertainment and good tips for babysitters as well. Check with their parents about which books they haven’t read yet and add to their collection.
  2. Book bag – Babysitters usually come toting books to read or homework to do when they babysit. Giving them a new book bag is a great gift idea. Having it personalized with their name and/or #1 Babysitter would make it even more special.
  3. Movie Theatre Pass – Babysitters of almost any age still enjoy going to the movie theatre. Providing a couple of free movie theatre passes is a great, fun gift that they are sure to enjoy.
  4. iTunes – If your babysitter has an ipod for playing their music, an iTunes gift card makes a perfect gift. They can add more of their favorites songs to their portable stereo. It is a gift they’re sure to be happy with.
  5. Fast food gift coupons – Pizza, McDonalds, Burger King, Subway and ice cream shops all have gift coupons or gift cards that you can purchase. Most any babysitter would be happy to receive these in their Christmas card from you.
  6. Personalized T-shirt – Just like the book bag, a personalized T-shirt with your statement of #1 Babysitter on it would make a great gift for your babysitter’s holiday. You’ll probably find them wearing it often when they show up in the future.
  7. Pampering basket – A basket of scented lotions, bath oils and other items designed for pampering a young lady would be quite appropriate for your babysitter’s Christmas gift.
  8. Nail treatment – A gift certificate from a salon for a manicure or pedicure is a great gift to give your babysitter. It is something she may not always have the money to spend on for herself, which makes it a special treat.
  9. Gift cards – You can get gift cards for almost any popular big-box store or small boutique. Teens love to have this opportunity to shop for something new without having to take the money out of their own bank account.
  10. Cash bonus – Some extra cash always works if you want to keep it simple and will always be welcome, no matter what the holiday or the occasion.

Whether it is a Christmas gift or just a token of appreciation for a babysitter that you want to keep coming back, these are all great ideas that would deliver the message perfectly.

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