10 Reasons Kids Just Hate Getting Cleaned Up

August 31st, 2012 by admin

There comes a time in many kids’ lives when the idea of a bath is enough to inspire mutiny. Suddenly, your adorable child has to be cajoled into washing their hands before dinner and is happy to walk around with a film of filth covering their bodies. Here are ten of the reasons why these kids are so averse to the idea of getting clean.

  1. There Are More Interesting Things To Do – On the list of exciting things to do, baths don’t usually rank very high in kid-dom. Leaving their adventures behind to sit in the tub simply isn’t a good trade-off in the kid mind.
  2. It Takes Too Long – In order to get clean enough for Mom to be satisfied, kids are subjected to what feels like hours of scrubbing, dousing and soaping. When there are so many things to do and explore, taking a bath just feels like wasted time.
  3. Fear of Water – Some kids have a fear of water, which can start in toddlerhood and in some cases follow into adulthood. When this fear kicks in, getting affected kids into a bathtub can be like pulling teeth.
  4. Getting Out is Cold! – Even if there’s a big, fluffy towel waiting, getting out of the bathtub is still cold, shivery business. The sensation of cold air hitting skin warmed by bathwater can be off-putting and uncomfortable enough to make kids dislike the entire process.
  5. It Usually Means That Bedtime is Looming – When baths happen at night, it’s a sure indicator that playtime is over and the boring old bed is next. Fighting to stay out of the bathtub means avoiding bed for a few more minutes, which is usually a kid’s first priority.
  6. Soap Gets in Eyes and Mouths – Some soaps might claim to be kid-friendly, but they still make eyes feel funny and taste exactly like soap. Squirming, chattering kids are likely to end up with a  head full of the stuff.
  7. Morning Cleanings Usually Mean That They’ll Have to Wear Scratchy Clothes -Just like nighttime baths mean bed, morning baths almost always mean that they’ll be forced to wear uncomfortable, stuffy dress clothes which are just a little higher on kids’ favorite list than liver.
  8. Most Kids Don’t Like the Sensation of a Wet Face – Anyone who’s ever attempted to teach swimming lessons or has been in the same room as a kid with a wet face knows that the sensation drives some of them to distraction. For especially sensitive little ones, even wiping their face with a wet cloth is enough to induce hysterics.
  9. Drains Are Scary – Toddlers are just beginning to make sense of the world, and the drain is one of life’s great mysteries at that stage. The drain can suck up and entire tub full of water; it stands to reason, in the toddler brain, that it could devour them too.
  10. Changing Gears is Difficult – Sometimes getting a kid out of the bathtub is as difficult as getting them in, proof that it isn’t always the bath that bothers them but the changing from one activity to another.

Most kids outgrow their aversion to cleanliness, usually around the time that they stop thinking the opposite sex has cooties. It can be a long battle, but most parents eventually emerge, victorious.

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