10 Things Kids Can Grow in Their Room

April 27th, 2012 by admin

As greater emphasis is made on sustainable agriculture, “green” habits and eco-friendly gardening, it’s only natural that kids should become interested in growing things themselves. Though some plants are too finicky to be suitable for young gardeners, there are others that do quite well in containers. If your child’s green thumb is budding, here are ten things that they can grow in their own bedrooms.

  1. Aloe Vera – The hard-to-kill nature of the aloe vera plant makes it a great choice for kids rooms, as it can withstand a bit of neglect without suffering greatly. As an added bonus, kids can reap the benefits of their well-cultivated plants in the event of skin irritation or burns.
  2. Cacti – There are many varieties of small cacti that thrive indoors and require next to no care, though they’re more suitable for older children that understand to handle these prickly beauties with care.
  3. Sunflowers – These tall, bright blossoms will bring a smile to your child’s face every time they see them, and can thrive in containers with proper lighting conditions. There are several varieties of these yellow wonders to choose from, and most are relatively low-maintenance.
  4. Philodendron – The fast growing and hardy philodendron vine is a great choice for kids, as it can withstand a bit of abuse without dying. The vines can also grow new roots in a glass of water if cut carefully, so kids can relive the potting process over and over again.
  5. Spider Plant – Inexpensive and tough, spider plants can survive a few forgotten waterings and even flourish if they receive a bare minimum of care. They’re also touted for their air-purification abilities by some.
  6. Kitchen Herbs – Basil, mint and parsley are all hardy and useful plants that kids can grow; they can also feel a sense of pride when their “harvest” helps to flavor dinner as plants mature!
  7. Kit Gardens – There are several kit gardens designed for indoor growth and selected with young agrarians in mind; both online retailers and brick-and-mortar gardening stores will have a selection.
  8. Radishes – Because the sprouts of radishes tend to become visible in a relatively short time, kids will get the satisfaction of seeing the results of their efforts before their attention span is expended on a pot full of dirt.
  9. Panda Plant – The fuzzy leaves and drought-resistant qualities of the panda plant, also known as kalanchoe, are great choices for young gardeners due to their ability to weather neglect and the fun texture of the leaves.
  10. Mold – Any mother who’s ever had to clean a child’s room knows that the thing kids are most adept at growing is mold. Half-hidden, forgotten dishes and remnants of food can become quite the colorful, spore filled mess. While these “experiments” may earn top place at the science fair, they aren’t likely to win any awards with Mom.

After kids get the hang of caring for these low-maintenance plants, they can move to more finicky specimens that will require more attention and care. Depending on the placement of windows and the quality of light in your child’s room, the possibilities for container gardening are quite varied.

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