10 Things Kids Will Gladly Plant a Big Old Kiss On

May 14th, 2012 by admin

One of the many wonderful things about kids is their disarmingly complete lack of inhibitions. They will boldly go where no man or woman dares. For instance, kids will kiss just about anything they find cute and kissable. In fact, here is a list of ten things kids will gladly plant a big old kiss on:

  1. Dogs – Whereas most grown-ups will be fixated on the family pet’s cleaning habits (or lack thereof), kids couldn’t care less where that dog’s nose has been or what he’s been licking. They’ll smooch that pooch in a heartbeat.
  2. Frogs – Maybe they’re re-enacting a fairy tale, or just taking a dare, but boys especially will plant one on a frog just for grins any old day. The virtues of rescuing a princess far outweigh their fear of warts.
  3. A Boo-boo – After all, for most kids this was their first lesson in First Aid training. When they see someone they love hurting, they’re sure to be the First Responders to offer a healing kiss to the wound.
  4. Grandparents – Kids know where their bread is buttered, sure, but they’re also keenly perceptive. Grandma and Grandpa love them like no one else, so kissing them is as natural as a sneeze, and not nearly as messy.
  5. A Photo – Kids usually won’t distinguish between people they love, and pictures of them. When they see a loved one, the instinct to kiss them is just too strong. Make sure those glossy prints are laminated.
  6. Other Kids – Not only puppies get them to pucker up, but so does puppy love. Kids don’t suffer from the same social stigmas, and aren’t naturally subject to a sense of decorum. Don’t worry, Mom, they’ll develop a better sense of taste and discretion in due time.
  7. Dolls – For kids of a certain age, dolls are some of their very best friends in the whole wide world. When they kiss their dolls, it’s one of the first expressions of intimacy for them and is perfectly natural. Much more sanitary than frogs, too, we’re pretty sure.
  8. Their Reflection – In a mirror, Christmas tree decorations, or a window, kids kiss their reflections all the time. No, it’s not narcissistic. They just see someone they think could use a kiss.
  9. Teachers – When a child encounters someone who shows them genuine care and guidance, as a good teacher does, their appreciation is just as genuine. The world needs more teachers worthy of that sort of affection.
  10. Santa Claus – Old Kris Kringle has been bringing joy to the hearts of kids for centuries. Anytime a child gets to meet with Santa, how can they not want to plant a big old kiss right on those rosy cheeks?
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