10 Things Sitters Can Take Away from the Kids as Punishment

September 16th, 2011 by admin

Long gone are the days when sitters could use physical punishment on kids. Instead of giving them a good whack on the bottom when they deserved it, sitters now have to punish kids in other ways. If a child is not behaving, one discipline option is to take away something they want. The trick is to find out which items are the most effective, so here are 10 things sitters can take away from kids as punishment.

  1. Television – One item that has been used to punish kids for decades is to take away their television. This tactic can backfire though, because if they aren’t being entertained by the TV, you’ll have to find some other way to keep them occupied.
  2. Video games – The more modern form of punishment is to take away the kids video games. Some kids are very addicted to their favorite games and will do anything you ask to get back to playing angry birds.
  3. Snacks – Another way to have some leverage over a misbehaving child is to threaten to take away their favorite snack. Sitters can find out what their weakness is and use it to get control of any situation.
  4. Toys – Every kid has their favorite toy, so withholding it can give you the advantage. As soon as they decide to behave, they can get their toys back.
  5. Candy – Usually used as a reward, candy can also be used as punishment. Since too much candy can be the cause of kids getting a sugar buzz and misbehaving, taking it away is probably a good idea.
  6. Computer – Older children get quite attached to their computers, so taking away their online privileges may be very effective. No more computer games, surfing the web, or facebook until they decide to behave.
  7. Security blanket – Some kids get very attached to a blanket or stuffed toy that they just can’t be separated from. Take away their blanket and that kid will do anything the sitter wants to get it back.
  8. Pacifier – Some parents let their kids get attached to a pacifier, so this is another item sitters can use to gain control. Taking their “binkie” away is real punishment for these kids.
  9. Bedtime story – Most kids really look forward to hearing a good bedtime story before they go to sleep. When kids misbehave sitters can send them to bed without a story to punish them.
  10. Interaction – Commonly known as a “time out”, taking away the child’s ability to interact with others in another effective form of punishment. After they have time to reflect on their misdeeds, the sitter can then allow them back from banishment.

Sitters will find that taking away various items can be an effective way of getting the desired response. Babysitting can be a very difficult job when kids are behaving badly, and sitters will need to use whatever means are at their disposal to maintain discipline. Finding which items work best for each child in different situations can be a challenge, so there is always a period of trial and error in the process. With patience and perseverance, sitters will find what to take away for punishment and what is just an inconvenience to the child.

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