18 Blogs with Makeup Tips for a Romantic Night Out with Your Honey

March 4th, 2013 by admin

If you have a special date night coming up with your spouse or significant other, you might want to pay special attention to your makeup. After all, finding the right ensemble and shoes is only one step in the process. To finish off your ensemble you need the perfect date night makeup.  Do you know how to create the perfect smoky eye?  Have you found the ideal color of red for your lips?  If you aren’t exactly sure what the latest makeup trends are or how to apply the makeup you have in a sophisticated way, then you may want to check out some of these makeup blog entries.  Many of the posts have videos so you can see how the makeup is applied.  These 18 blog articles should help you achieve a sexy, polished look for a special night out.


Most people have heard the saying “the eyes are the windows to the soul.”  Whether they are actually windows to the soul or not is debatable, but one thing is certain: they usually are the focus of your makeup.  Whether you want achieve a smoky eye or some other style, you can create the most breathtaking eyes by applying eye makeup correctly.  These six blog posts will show you pictures or videos to explain how achieve the effect you want for your eyes.

  1. Eye Makeup Tips A colorful eye is deconstructed so you can follow along with the photos and figure out how to duplicate this vibrant look.
  2. Best Eye Makeup Tutorials/Everyday and Bridal/ Prom and Special Occasions A lot of basics are covered in this post, from how to pick your eye shadow color to the tools that you will need.  Tons of photos can be found to help you choose your look.
  3. Makeup Tips for Deep Set Eyes This video will show you how to use shimmer eye shadow to make your deep set eyes pop out.
  4. Top 10 Ideas for Natural Eye Makeup Looks to Wear from Morning ‘Til Night These looks are very natural and would be perfect if you wanted to wear a bright red lipstick.
  5. Tips for Blue Eyes Makeup Special colors and techniques are explained that will emphasize the blue in blue eyes.
  6. Ideas for Smokey Eyes Makeup Plenty of information and pictures explaining how to create a smoky eye.


Creating a flawless complexion that hides imperfections and camouflages a double chin or scar can be pretty tricky.  With the right techniques and makeup, however, you can put together an unblemished, flawless face.  These six blog posts will show you makeup tips for a big date night or special occasion.

  1. Michelle Phan Videos: Create Amazing Make-Up Transformations These videos can help you duplicate the looks that you see on the video for special occasion makeup.
  2. Special Occasion Makeup: Lips, Lashes, Sculpted Face Smart tips about using foundation to sculpt your face can be found on this blog, along with suggestions for lips and eyes.
  3. How to Get Glowing Skin for Your Next Big Date Night These tips are priceless for taking care of your skin so that your makeup looks the best.
  4. Hot for Valentine’s Day: Nighttime Makeup Tips from the Expert A lot of information about transforming your look from daytime to nighttime.
  5. Beauty Tips: Look Flawless for Date Night Information from lotion for your skin to the latest trends in lashes can be found in this article.
  6. Ultimate Pale-Girl Makeup Tips, How to Rock Fair Skin This blogger goes over several tips for how to wear makeup on pale skin without looking overly made up.

Tips and Tricks

As you can probably guess, there are tons of tips and tricks for applying makeup.  How do you camouflage acne or make your nose look smaller?  Can you hide the fact that you have a double chin?  Check out these tips and trick shared by these six bloggers and see if you can use any of them on your special date.

  1. Makeup Tips for Valentine’s Day! What’s Your Beauty Look? Tons of pictures to use as an example to pick your best look.
  2. Date Night Makeup Step-by-step instructions are explained for achieving the perfect date night look.
  3. How to Do Pretty Date Night Makeup Watch this video to learn how to create a flawless makeup look from start to finish.
  4. Beauty Tips and Tricks Check out these tricks for getting rid of dark circles and keeping your hair from getting damaged from using hot irons.
  5. Makeup Tips and Tricks Find out how to make a cat eye and apply false eye lashes.
  6. 10 Top Tips for Applying Quick Makeup… These 10 tips are golden nuggets of information for looking presentable when you only have a few minutes.
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