18 of the Best Blogs about Rainbow Loom Bracelets

September 30th, 2013 by admin

You may or may not have heard about the Rainbow Loom, but it’s a relatively new craze for kids, starting around age eight. Tweens especially have really adopted this craft and gone wild with it. Currently there are over 130,000 how-to videos online demonstrating how to make rainbow loom bracelets in various patterns. The basic bracelet and the fishtail are probably the simplest to start with, and can both be made without the loom if you don’t have one. Take a look at the instructions on these 18 blogs to get started making your own colorful rubber band bracelets.

Basic Bracelet

The basic rainbow loom bracelet is simple to do and is made up of interlocking rubber bands.  You can use any color combination, and it’s easy to personalize these bracelets for all of your friends. There are even a few moms sporting these trendy bracelets! These six blogs explain how to make the basic bracelet.

Fishtail Technique

If you’ve ever seen a fishtail braid in someone’s hair, this bracelet technique is similar in appearance to that. The weave is tighter and uses more rubber bands than the basic bracelet, but it’s got a chunkier look to it. This pattern isn’t just for girls either, it’s also become quite popular with boys. Take a look at these six blog posts for some tutorials on how to create the fishtail bracelet.

No-Loom Bracelet

While looms only run about $15, you don’t necessarily have to buy one to let your child get started making rubber band bracelets. Watch the videos and read the tutorials on these six blogs to see how these bloggers have found a way around using a store bought loom. This might be especially nice if you want to have a group create these bracelets as a craft project, especially since buying a loom for each person could get expensive quickly.

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