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Dirty Babysitter Was Way Off

September 18th, 2008 by admin

I was hesitant about finding a babysitter online, I pictured a weird, dirty babysitter. Those feelings were quickly deminished when I was able to find a great local babysitter the same night that I needed her. I met with her, and was so pleased. It’s a great network of parents who share their stories and experiences, and it really helps you to be able to feel confident and comfortable with the process. You can look at sitter’s profiles, read their rating, and even call their references. It’s a very simple process, and singing up it easy. Once you’re a member, you can start chatting with sitters and setting up meetings. The more a babysitter gets called back to sit again, the better her ratings go, and it’s easy to get a feel for the high quality babysitters that are accepted by this network. They all are great! No matter if it’s something that comes up at work, or if I have "date night" with my husband, I’m able to find quality child care, and it’s a very rewarding and comforting feeling to know your children are in good hands. With eBabysitters, the process is easy and stress-free! I highly recommend you get involved, and take back your life with the help of some great, friendly babysitters!

A Reliable Babysitter Agency Is A Great Idea

September 18th, 2008 by admin

I was skeptical about going through a babysitter agency at first. I had always known my babysitters and had a relationship with them prior to having them watch my children, but when I moved to a new city, I knew I was going to have to figure something out. So I did some research and talked to some people, and everyone agreed that was the way to go. They have a collaboration of sitters and parents that work together to help each other. Sitters are always looking for work, and parents are always looking for help; it just makes sense. So I signed up with the agency/network and loved it from the very beginning. It was extremely easy to sign up and get registered, and then from there I started looking through profiles of local sitters and was able to meet with a couple of them immediately, and have been rolling with it ever since. My kids are always talking about how they loved their sitter, and it’s so nice to know that if something comes up last minute, I can usually find a babysitter on short notice. It’s a wonderful feeling! I highly recommend the network to anyone looking for help, whether on short notice, or long notice. They even have a great community board where you can post your jobs, or see what sitters are available. It really is great.

A Babysitter Checklist is Very Important

September 18th, 2008 by admin

As a parent, embarking on a new venture with a new babysitter can be a very stressful thing. For some people it’s extremely hard to part with your children, especially if it’s with a new babysitter that you might not that well. I always try to take my new babysitter out for coffee or lunch to get to know each other a little bit. On top of that, I always make an in depth babysitters checklist to ensure they have all of the information they need, and then I go over it with them, so at least that helps me feel secure that I didn’t forget to tell them anything, or show them where anything is. It’s just one tip to help you enjoy your night out, without worrying about how the kids are, and if you forgot anything. My checklist is like my grocery store list, I can never go food shopping without my list, and I can never leave my kids home alone with the babysitter checklist for them to refer to. I usually just include contact numbers, including where they can reach me incase I don’t answer my cell, along with medication directions, cross streets just in case there was ever an emergency and the fire department or ambulance had to get come, what time the kids go to bed, dinner directions, if there are any, the kids names and dates of birth, and I update the part that has the restaurant or hotel that we’re going to be at, just in case they need us immediately. This way, I know I’m covered, and the babysitter usually feels more at ease knowing she has that information as her disposal.

Finding Quality Babysitters

September 16th, 2008 by admin

Sometimes the internet can be a scary place, because you don’t know who is at the other end. The perks of the internet is that virtually everything is at your fingertips now, and can be found in an instant. The downside is that with that easy accessibilty, you have to be sure to do your homework and not sign on for a product or service with a less than reputable company. This means it pays to take a few extra minutes and do your homework, especially if you’re looking for a good babysitter to take care of your most precious and prized possession: your children!

Finding quality babysitters used to mean asking the other parents around the neighborhood who they use and trying to get one or two girls in the neighborhood to fit you on their busy babysitting roster. And then, it’s really tough to get a night out with your spouse or go to an after hours work function if there is only one babysitter in the neighborhood or none! And the silly thing is, there are often teenagers and college students who might be nearby who you don’t know about, becauses they live in kid-free neighborhoods. These qualified and quality babysitters are an untapped resource you can now reach online!

Sites like offer quality babysitters to parents in need of their services. You can look through their profiles, you can see what their credentials and experience in childcare is, as well as their hourly babysitter rates. The sitters on a site like eBabysitters have been pre-screened for your safety, and you can read what other parents who have used them in the past say about their performance. So go ahead and plan a night out, because you can find a babysitter anytime you need one!

How to Offer Babysitting Services Online

September 16th, 2008 by admin

It’s that time of the year, the time of year that the holidays are just around the corner! During the couple of months before Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, many teenage and college age kids like to try and earn a little extra money for that plane ticket home or Christmas shopping. They may have a lot of experience babysitting, but they live in an area where there aren’t a lot of kids or families that need babysitting services. So now what? These perfectly good and capable babysitters need work, but they can’t find it in the normal avenues around their home.

There is a new way of connecting parents and babysitters with each other, and it’s all online! The beautiful thing about the internet is that it makes a big world much smaller, so that you can contact and network people you may never have been able to otherwise. A babysitting site such as eBabysitters is dedicated solely to bringing the stressed out parents who need a babysitter and the babysitters who need work together. It’s easy for sitters to post their profiles and credentials, and parents can easily find them and pick out a babysitter who would likely work with their family’s needs. There is also a forum for parents and sitters to talk together, and for parents to make recommendations on the not-so-good or the outstanding sitters they may have found who are on the site. Babysitters can also use this forum to recommend good families to sit for, or for families that may not have worked out.

So whether you’re a parent in need of a night out, or a sitter in need of some extra cash for the holiday season, eBabysitters is the site for you to connect to each other and work out a win-win situation!

What Babysitter Pay Should Be Calculated On

September 10th, 2008 by admin

You never want to underpay a babysitter on purpose. They provide a much needed service and usually do so without conflict. These days babysitters usually have their own rates but sometimes, if an amount hasn’t been determined beforehand, it’s easy to forget how important their job is and subsequently underpay them. Babysitter pay shouldn’t be cut because you’re not sure how much you should give them. There are a few things to consider first depending on where you are and your children before you set a price.

Babysitter pay is a thank you for protecting your children while you get to go out for a few hours by yourself. Can you imagine living without them? You want to think about where you live when considering a babysitters pay. Are you in a big city where it’s expensive to live and eat? What are the going rates for other babysitters? How many children do you have? The more you have the more you need to pay. Are your children rambunctious or clams? Will the babysitter have to work harder to keep them entertained or do they like to watch movies and play alone? Will it be at night where the children are asleep for most of the time? If so, still remember that the babysitter had to put your children to bed, not all children respond the same way to having a stranger put them to sleep. If they typically throw a fit at bedtime, keep this in mind when paying your babysitter as well. All of these things are things to remember and consider when it comes to figuring out a fair babysitter pay. So keep them in mind next time you need a babysitter to stay with your children.

Babysitter Needed Ad Pays Off

September 10th, 2008 by admin

It is so frustrating finding a reliable babysitter. You need someone you can trust and someone who you can count on to babysit if you’re in a jam. Most babysitters are younger girls, which explains the lack of commitment on their part to constantly be available for babysitting jobs. It’s completely understandable. They are young and carefree, and why work if you don’t have to? That doesn’t make the process any less frustrating and daunting though. I decided to place a babysitter needed ad in the local news paper to see what would come of it.

It turned out the babysitter needed ad paid off. I didn’t find a babysitter but I did receive a call telling me about a website called, that helps connect parents and qualified individuals who offer babysitter services. It’s a highly reliable website where babysitters in your local area are all listed out for your convenience. Each babysitter has a profile so you can check over their qualifications before you hire them. All the babysitters on have experience in child care and have all been screened before their profile is uploaded. It was a great resource to find out about and I have been extremely thrilled with all of the girls that have babysat my children.

Child Babysitter to the Rescue

September 9th, 2008 by admin

It was last minute, and I desperately needed a child babysitter. I knew there was no way I could get my normal sitter, who I could hardly get even when I called her a month in advance, because she had so many other families in the neighborhood that were also calling on her. I was panicking. I got last minute tickets to go see the Red Sox play Tampa Bay, and there was no way I could turn down that offer. Do you know how hard it is to get Red Sox tickets? It’s nearly impossible. Even if I was to get them from a site online, it would cost me at least $75 for bleacher tickets, and that would be if they were playing Texas, never mind if they’re playing the first placed team in the division, the Rays. These tickets could be sold for $200, easily, and I got them for free. I had to use them. I didn’t know what to do, so a friend tried to get me to calm down and suggested I try She had luck when she needed to find a babysitter at the last minute on it a few weeks ago, and was surprised with how easy and accommodating the site was. Sure enough, I checked it out and was able to find a sitter last minute. Thank you for saving my night!

Babysitter Courses Put You Ahead of the Pack

September 9th, 2008 by admin

As a babysitter with six years of experience, I can honestly say that if I could babysit as my full time job, I would. Unfortunately, I could never find a steady enough work schedule to support my lifestyle. Nowadays, there is a surplus of sitters looking for work, and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish yourself from other sitters. My sister is 16 and is trying to break into the babysitting world, and my advice to her, as well as myself, is to take as many babysitter courses as possible. Much like with a resume for the “real world” parents prefer a sitter with an extensive knowledge of babysitter guidelines and would prefer a sitter with multiple babysitter courses over someone who hasn’t taken any. Not only does it help distinguish yourself from the pack, but they really can enhance your understanding of babysitting, and it also can earn you more money than without. Parents see sitters with the knowledge and background of having taken courses, and they are willing to pay more to hire you, after all, their children are priceless, and entrusting them with someone they feel truly confident with, is worth the extra money. I definitely say take some babysitter courses, because it can only help you when looking for babysitting jobs.

A Babysitter Nanny Is No Longer Hard to Find

September 9th, 2008 by admin

I recently moved to San Diego, and was having a really hard time finding a babysitter nanny to help me with my kids. I didn’t really know anyone in the area, and it was becoming a problem with my new job, because I always had to leave right after work, and could rarely attend an after hours work party or function. A asked a colleague of mine how she was always able to find child care, and she said “eBabysitters.” It’s a network for parents and babysitters to connect. I checked it out one afternoon and couldn’t believe that there were sitters available that same night! The ease of the website was wonderful. I could search through profiles of babysitters in my area, and read reviews from other parents who have used them, and I could post the night I needed a sitter on a message board, and I had three responses in a matter of an hour! It’s such a great concept, and it really helped me out, since I didn’t have any family or friends in the area yet to recommend or help out on short notice. I was thoroughly impressed with the organization and never have to worry about finding a babysitter nanny for my children again!