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You Will Love Being a Chicago Babysitter

October 29th, 2008 by admin

If you are someone who is moving to Chicago and need a part-time job, you should become a Chicago babysitter! The windy city has so many wonderful features- great parks, museums, and, of course, delicious food! The sitting jobs also pay very well. Since this city is the New York City of the Midwest, then the babysitter rate is much higher here than anywhere else in that region of the United States. You can easily charge at least $12 an hour,; more if you have additional experience! Chicago has some great universities so if you are thinking about going to school here, you will be set. Chicago babysitters are always in high demand!

One way to advertise yourself as a great sitter is to sign up on Just put your information up on the site and you are good to go. Make sure you list all your experience and different skills in addition to two to three references. Your babysitting services are a valuable asset, especially if you have experience and special knowledge such as CPR/First Aid or have taken babysitting courses. Soon you will be receiving calls from all over because everyone needs a Chicago babysitter! Check out today!

Do not Delay and Find a Babysitter Today

October 29th, 2008 by admin

Couples never realize how difficult it actually is to find a babysitter these days. They often leave this task to the last minute and then panic because they cannot reach anyone. It becomes a red light emergency. In order to find a babysitter, you need to start at least a week in advance but, if this is your first babysitter search, you need to start at least a month ahead of time! When you need to find a babysitter, it cannot be a rushed process. The individual you hire needs to be honest, trustworthy, and good with children. It is for this reason that you cannot leave something so important to the last minute; if you do not leave yourself enough time then you will most likely make a less-than-perfect choice.

In order to find a babysitter, you need to do some research. You cannot just expect a person to knock on your door and be the answer to all of your problems. However, the internet has made this process much easier than it has been in the past. All you need to do now is hop onto and check out the profiles of the sitters that are in your area. You will find several potential candidates, so call up their references and invite them over for an interview. Your babysitter search does not have to be difficult or conducted at the last minute- check out for more information today!

Why I Became a Babysitter

October 29th, 2008 by admin

I am someone who has always enjoyed working with kids and it just so happened that I needed a job. Who knew that being a teenager would be so expensive! All these new fashions really eat up all your spare cash! My mom knew how much I enjoyed watching kids during Sunday mornings while their parents attended services at our church, so she suggested I start babysitting. Becoming a babysitter was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I started with a few families from church just once or twice a month but soon I was getting calls from almost everyone in the neighborhood because everyone needs a babysitter! I was making money faster than I can spend it, and that really is not something you hear every day.

My favorite part was never the amount of money I made, though it was nice to have the extra cash. In fact, I just really loved spending time with the kids. You do not get the opportunity to just sit down and color for an hour too often or the chance to get paid to watch some of your favorite Disney movies.  Young children are also hilarious! They should do stand-up comedy, I’m serious. If you want to get paid to have a great time, then you need to become a sitter and have fun with your babysitting jobs!

Charge a Fair Babysitter Rate

October 29th, 2008 by admin

Have you heard about the most recent babysitter scam? It is outrageous! There are babysitters out in cities and towns across the country that are charging extremely high prices for their sitting services! A babysitter in Nebraska who used to charge $5 an hour is now charging $10! It is the college age sitters in the big cities that are abusing the prices the most. Before they used to charge $15/ hour (which is too high already in my opinion) and now they are asking for $22/hour! What is going on around here? No one knows the reason for the sudden increase in price, but I refused to give into their demands. It is about time that someone set a fair babysitter rate!

I decided to hunt around and see if there were any sitters that were not joining in on this outrageous price hike. Luckily, I found I discovered so many more sitters that were in my area and they put their babysitter rates right on their profile page. This way I could avoid the ones that had clearly jumped on the price-hike bandwagon and call only the honest babysitters! Thanks to, I could find a sitter that actually charged a fair babysitter rate!

My Experience with an Agency Babysitter

October 29th, 2008 by admin

I was having no luck finding a babysitter for my four children. I did not need someone around all day, but I did need someone to watch them twice a week in the afternoon when I needed to run some errands. Have you ever tried to go grocery shopping with four children under the age of eight? It is chaos! Since I was having no luck on my own, I decided to look into an agency babysitter.  When you hire an agency babysitter, you first hire an agency. There are positives and negatives when you decide to go with an agency babysitter. The positives were that this agency would find a babysitter available for the time I needed someone. The people they sent over to me to interview also already had thorough background checks!

The downside of hiring an agency babysitter, however, was that I had to pay the agency several fees before I even met the nanny! Then, of course, I had to pay the sitter herself for her babysitting services. It just got to be too expensive! That is when I heard about I searched online for a sitter in my area, interviewed her, and she was great! I cut out the middle man and saved so much money by doing so!

Babysitter Needed for Saturday Night

October 29th, 2008 by admin

It almost seems impossible to get a babysitter at the last minute in this city! I have a simple request: babysitter needed on Saturday night. Yet, I am still having trouble with such a seemingly-easy task! I have called all the babysitters I normally use; however, there is a huge Jonas Brothers concert that night so all of them are busy. My husband and I need to go to an office party for his work and we really do have to go this time around- we missed the last two and, considering that he is next in line for the manager spot,  we can’t risk not showing up!

We have three wonderful kids: Bonnie is nine, Jake is seven, and Rebecca is our little 3- year-old, but she is an angel! I promise! Every sitter we know would be begging to take care of little pumpkins however, thanks to that ridiculous boy band we are still in babysitter needed mode and its Friday night. If you have any leads, please let me know! I think I’ll give that website a try- I’ve heard great things about their sitters and, with the huge number of babysitters on that site, I should be able to find a babysitter in no time!

I Am Ready For a Nanny Job

October 28th, 2008 by admin

I love babysitting. I would babysit during the weekends when I was in high school and I had so many jobs that I never had time to go out with my friends. Babysitting was just so much fun and I was trying to save up as much money as I could before I left for college. Now that I am at a university close to home, I am ready for a nanny job! Nanny jobs are much bigger commitments than babysitting jobs are, but I know I am ready to take this next step.

The main difference between the two is that a nanny cares for only one family at a time. She is someone who picks the kids up after school, gets them home, feeds them, and helps with homework until the parents get there. There are several families who have asked for additional help during the week so, if someone needs me for five afternoons a week and is willing to pay my fee, then I will have a nanny job! I cannot wait to start looking for good nanny jobs!

Babysitter Classes Make You the Best Babysitter

October 28th, 2008 by admin

Are you interested in learning how to become the best babysitter you can be? If you are someone who loves children and feels ready to take on some responsibility, babysitting is a great idea. You will also earn extra money so you can purchase the new jeans you wanted or go out to a second  movie this month. However, if you really want to impress the families who are interviewing you, you should prepare for the world of babysitting by taking babysitter classes!  These classes are offered through organizations such as the American Red Cross and your local community college. You should check to see if your place of worship or your community recreational center has babysitter classes as well.

These classes teach you the basics of child development, how to handle emergencies, and other babysitting tips. The professional instructors also teach you about the business side of babysitting in terms of what reasonable babysitter rates are in addition to how to interview well. If you are ready to learn how to become a great babysitter, sign up for a babysitter class today!

How to Find Babysitting Jobs

October 28th, 2008 by admin

Are you looking to  make a few extra bucks for your Christmas shopping this year? Or is there something you would really like to have that will take months to save for with only your allowance from your parents? There are a few easy ways for you to make a little extra money around your very own neighborhood if you put your mind to it. You can mow or rake lawns for your neighbors, or you can find babysitter jobs to make that extra money quickly.

Babysitting is one of the easiest and most rewarding jobs for teenagers, and because you are usually watching families you know, you already have a small customer base to work from. Ask your the parents on your street if they would like to take advantage of your babysitting services, and chances are that they will! They know you and your family, so the trust level is probably already there with you. And if you can get a couple babysitting jobs with one family, they will likely recommend you to their friends who also need a sitter, and you’ll have more jobs and extra cash than you thought you would.

So get on out there and hoof it around your neighborhood, talking to parents about your interest in babysitting their kids. They will love that you are actively seeking a job to babysit their kids, and even your neighbors who don’t have kids might know families they can recommend you to, so you can make that extra money you need in no time!

How Much to Pay Babysitters

October 28th, 2008 by admin

The sordid and complex topic of coin….always comes up whether we need gas for our car, food in our pantries, or a babysitter to watch our little ones for evening. When you want to do a date night with your significant other, or you have an evening work function to go to, you need a babysitter’s services, but the question is, how much to pay babysitters for their work. This can be a tough issue for babysitters and parents alike, because you both want to be fair, but your idea of fair and your sitter’s idea might be different.

There is a good method for determining your babysitter’s rate which should come out fairly for both of you. You will need to consider what you are asking your sitter to do for you, such as, does she need to cook dinner for the kids, bathe them, brush teeth and stay late to put them to bed? On the flip side of the coin, what experience does your sitter have? Do they have any special training, such as babysitter courses or first aid/CPR certification? Do they have years of babysitting experience? Remember, the more you are asking them to do and the more special training and experience they have, the more you should pay for their services. Keep the lines of communication open and you and your babysitter will be able to easily find a rate that seems fair and works for both of you.