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A Fair Babysitting Rate is Easy to Calculate

December 4th, 2008 by admin

Some parents aren’t sure how much to pay a babysitter the first time they have one, but don’t worry! Finding a fair babysitting rate is easy, you just need to determine a few factors. First, consider how much experience your babysitter has, because this is a big factor in how much is fair for them to charge. Novice babysitters may charge around $7-$8 per hour, while a college student who is older with much more childcare experience can fairly charge $15-$17 per hour. Secondly, has your babysitter had any formal training? If they have taken babysitter courses and/or first aid classes, it’s fair for them to charge more than a babysitter who hasn’t completed that training.

The last thing you may want to account for in your babysitter rate is how well they take care of your children. Remember, all parents love finding a babysitter they can trust to take good care of their children, and these babysitters are very popular. If you pay generously for a good baby sitter, then they will be more apt to take future babysitting jobs with you because they know you appreciate how good they are with your children and you pay a good babysitting rate. You can’t put a price on the peace you feel when you know your children are being well cared for, so a few extra dollars isn’t that much when you consider what your peace of mind is worth. Now you’re ready to get on your best outfits and hit the town while your sitter takes care of the kids for the night!

Babysitting Jobs are Good for Extra Holiday Cash

December 4th, 2008 by admin

It’s that fun holiday time of year and for many teenagers, this can be the time that they would like to earn a little extra cash. It’s fun to go Christmas shopping for your family and friends, but not if you don’t have any mooola! There are a few jobs you can pick up to make that holiday dough, if you put your mind to it. You could be the maid for the day in your own house, or a babysitter. Ask your parents if there is anything you can around the house that would be worthy of a little cash, such as shoveling the snow off of the driveway and sidewalk or tackling a household task they’ve been dreading, like polishing the silver.

You can also offer your services around the neighborhood as a babysitter. Many parents are very busy this time of year, and could use a little extra help. They’ll probably be thrilled that you offered, and you’ll have more babysitting jobs than you know what to do with. This is a fun way to earn money, because watching kids is a fun job, and you can play games with them, help with homework, and watch fun movies together. Babysitting is a fun job, and your neighborhood parents will feel safe leaving you in charge, because they already know you and how responsible you are. So go ahead and drum up a couple jobs with your parents or parents in the neighborhood, and your Christmas shopping fund will grow!

Become a Super Babysitter When You Take Babysitter Courses

December 4th, 2008 by admin

Everyone loves to think of themselves as a superhero at some point in their lives. Most people go through this phase when they are around five-years-old. You are old enough to have a healthy imagination but young enough to believe that one day you could fly! (I still think it is possible, but that’s beside the point). If you want to become a really amazing babysitter, you need to convince the kids (and their parents) that you are a Super-Babysitter! The good news is that you do not need to be born with these superhuman skills, you can learn them. All you need to do is take some babysitter courses!

In order to take sign up for some babysitter courses, you need to find them first! Check you local community center or see if you have a Red Cross center near by. Both of these organizations often offer great classes for affordable prices. You will learn everything from what to do in an emergency to how to impress the parents with whom you interview. You can be a super-hero! Check out to learn how!

Play Babysitting Games with the Kids

December 4th, 2008 by admin

If you would like to take on babysitting jobs to make a little extra money for your Christmas shopping, this is a great time of year to do it. Parents have a lot of things to do this time of year, parties to go to, work functions, and their own Christmas shopping to do for their kids, so good babysitters are in high demand right now. If you like kids and want to babysit, you will want to be prepared. If you can, you may want to take a babysitting class so that that are ready to handle anything that comes your way.

Another thing that will help you prepare for your babysitting jobs is to have games to play with the kids. Some kids want to do their own thing when you come over to take care of them, but most would love to play games with you and interact. Babysitting games are a great way for you to keep them entertained and have fun yourself while on the job. So go ahead and let the parents in your neighborhood know that you are available to sit for their kids, and you will have more extra cash than you thought for your Christmas shopping.

Where to Look for Babysitter Services

December 4th, 2008 by admin

If you are someone who does not have children or is new to having kids you might not know about all the different kinds of babysitter services that are available. Most of us are familiar with the sitters we would have when we were younger; those teenage girls were often more interested in getting paid then really trying to keep us entertained. Nevertheless, the industry of babysitting has grown considerably in the last few decades due to more moms joining the work force. Here is a quick run down on how to find a babysitter in the world of nanny services.

The most common type of babysitter is the one you hire for a night to watch your kids while you and your husband go out to dinner or hang out with friends. However, if you are a couple that both works long hours, you might want to consider hiring a live-in nanny. This type of sitter helps get the kids off to school, picks them up, helps with homework, and watches them until a parent arrives home. A different kind of babysitter service is someone who does pet sitting and house sitting. This service falls under the category of babysitter even if this individual does not watch your children. If you need to find someone for any type of these babysitting services, just check out the sitters on!

I Have the Best Child Babysitter

December 4th, 2008 by admin

A few months ago, my husband was transferred to San Diego. This move was huge for us (we’re from Kentucky) and, to be honest, I was not looking forward to uprooting the whole family and moving to that crazy land of Southern California. We have been here a year and I am loving the weather and my new job but the one thing I thought would be much more difficult than it was turned out to be hiring a child babysitter! I knew no one in the area so I started my search for a babysitter as early as possible. I also conducted my search in a completely new way: I used the internet!

I found what a great discovery! I was able to sign up free and then search all the babysitters that were in the area. Their profiles often included photos, information about their experience and childcare skills, and some references. This set-up allowed me to peruse through the many potential sitters and select a few individuals that seemed like they would work the best with my kids, call their references, and then schedule an interview with them. The system worked so well I found a child babysitter that my family loves and charges the perfect babysitter rate!

I Love Being a Babysitter in New York

December 3rd, 2008 by admin

I absolutely love living in the Big Apple. Having grown up in a rather small town in the middle of South Dakota, I was not ready for all the crazy excitement and fast-paced lifestyle of a New Yorker, but I got the hang of it after a few months. I came to this bustling city because I wanted to be babysitter in New York. What a fantastic experience it has been so far! I have hit all the main tourist attractions but I still need to see most of the museums and Broadway shows. The best part, however, is that I can actually afford all these outings because the babysitter pay out here in New York is much better than the pay back at home!

From day one, I learned that a babysitter in New York needs to figure out how to deal with the over-worked parents, cranky children, and strange eating restrictions these families have. I refused to be a live-in nanny, which I think was a good decision on my part, but I am always in need because every family’s nanny needs at least one night off a week. That’s the night I go on duty. This city is so amazing and I am glad I took a chance and moved here. I know I will not be taking babysitting jobs in New York forever but I am enjoying my time here so far!