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10 Things Kids Love to Do at the Park

April 21st, 2011 by admin

When my son was little, he used to love going to our local public parks. There were so many things that he enjoyed doing there, that we could spend entire afternoons without him ever getting bored. Here are 10 things that he loved, and that most kids enjoy doing at the park.

  1. Playground. The parks in our area all have playgrounds much more complex and fun to play on than anything found in an average back yard. There were swings and slides, and a castle to climb through and over, and all sorts of other fixtures to play on and with.
  2. Giant Sandbox. The parks that we frequented all had gigantic sandboxes, with backhoe and bulldozer simulators and other great toys for digging and pushing sand around. The only problem my son ever had with these sandboxes was finding room to play in them on days when there were lots of folks at the park.
  3. Feed or Chase Squirrels. Every park that I’ve ever been to in summer has had a population of squirrels and/or chipmunks. Kids love feeding these cute little fuzzy animals, and when they’re done feeding them, kids love to chase them. Don’t worry though; the chance of a child actually catching one is virtually nonexistent.
  4. Swimming/Wading. Most parks in that I’ve been in have small ponds or wading pools, or even swimming areas that kids love. There’s nothing like rolling up pant legs on a hot summer day and exploring a shallow pond, natural or artificial. There may be frogs or insects, or minnows to chase around. There may even be coins or other treasures for kids to find while wading.
  5. Watch/Feed the Ducks or Geese. Another common group of inhabitants in parks are waterfowl. Whether it be ducks or geese, or even in some cases, swans. Kids can be entertained by their antics for hours at a time when feeding them breadcrumbs on the shorelines of park ponds.
  6. Rock Throwing and Skipping. There’s no denying the amount of fun and fascination that kids can find in the simple act of throwing rocks in the water. Whether it is throwing for distance, or trying to hit floating sticks, or just skipping rocks across the wavelets, kids love to throw rocks.
  7. Tag and other Group Games. From tag to hide and seek, parks are great places for kids to gather and play games that need space for running and chasing and hiding from each other.
  8. Biking. This is another activity that kids love doing in parks. Parks in our area tend to have many bike paths, some paved and some not, for kids to enjoy.
  9. Nature Trails. These can be followed by walking or bike riding, and offer both entertainment value and learning possibilities for kids. My son loved walking paths through the wooded areas and around the waterfowl ponds, where he could combine several of the above-mentioned activities while walking.
  10. Community Activities. Our local parks had great opportunities for community arts programs. There were plays for the kids to participate in or watch, group musical games, and face-painters to decorate and entertain the kids. From the crowds of youngsters that gather in them on summer weekend afternoons, it’s obvious that kids love these sorts of community activities.

There are obviously many more activities and games that your kids will find to love in your local public parks. These were some of my son’s favorites, and the great thing about all of them was that they were all learning experiences as well as fun, and had the added bonus of allowing him to burn up excess energy, which made me very happy.