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10 Incentives for Kids to Do Their Homework

May 25th, 2011 by admin

Getting kids to complete their homework can be an ongoing struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. Rather than threatening or punishing, you could give them incentives instead. Listed below are ten incentives for kids to do their homework.

  1. Grades. Remind them that in order to get good grades they need to do their homework. Many students can be encouraged by grades alone.
  2. College. Many teenagers show an interest in college, and some already know which one or ones they would like to attend. You can use this as leverage in order to get them to do their homework along with getting good grades to get into the school of their choice.
  3. Income. Go online and show your child the differences in income that are to be made depending on the career they would like to have. Explain to them that if they do not make good grades they will not be able to do the job of their preference.
  4. Time With Friends. Many parents will require their children to complete their homework as soon as they come home from school. If that is the case, you can remind them that as soon as their homework is complete they can go outside and play with their friends.
  5. Games or TV. You can allow them some free time after homework as well to pick an alternate activity. It can be anything from watching their favorite television program to playing video or computer games.
  6. Choices. If your child completes all of their homework in a timely fashion, you can allow them to be the one to choose a family activity for the evening or choose what’s for dinner.
  7. More Rewards. You could set up a reward system for them, where if they complete their homework every night without being told they get to do something fun on the weekend such as have a sleepover or go to a movie.
  8.  Allowance. Some parents may find it helpful to base their allowance structure on the grades their children receive. You can set a base allowance as long as they are passing and increase the increments depending upon the grades they bring home. This is surely a good way to motivate them to do homework.
  9. Vehicles. Some insurance companies base their rates on whether or not a student receives good grades. This can be a great incentive for them to do homework, if you require your child to pay for their own insurance. If you pay the insurance, you can always refuse or restrict vehicle privileges until homework is done.
  10. Sports. Many of today’s youth participate in sports programs. If they are in high school, their grades may determine whether or not they are allowed to participate.  You could put a rule in place for homework where they will not be able to attend the following day’s activities until today’s homework is complete.

By setting up incentives for your children to do homework, it becomes more about their choice for rewards or consequences. While you do not want them to think of homework as optional at least if they choose not to do it, they are also choosing to lose the reward as well as suffer the consequences.