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10 Tremendous Kid Time Wasters

July 17th, 2011 by admin

There are plenty of times when kids are bored and looking for something to do, when the adults are busy with other things. Here is a list of 10 things they can do on their own to while away some time.

  1. Bubble wrap – This simple time-waster has been so popular with all ages that they have actually made it into an electronic game that has the same popping sound. There seems to be something addictive about popping those bubbles; it can keep a person occupied for a much longer time than you might expect.
  2. Coloring books – These simple pages of pictures waiting for the application of color have filled time for kids for many years and still can be a great way to occupy a child or group of kids.
  3. Online games – These are available for all different age levels, some with an educational component and many without. You can also find sites that have games geared towards girls and others more geared towards boys.
  4. Basketball hoop – Shooting hoops is a good time-waster that also helps improve hand/eye coordination. For small children, you can purchase small indoor hoops to use that are short enough for them to reach.
  5. Trampoline – With proper instruction and safety equipment, a trampoline is a great time-waster  for kids. Because there is always the possibility to bouncing off the trampoline, even with a net in place, some supervision may be necessary.
  6. Sandbox – A box of sand, some pails and shovels are all a kid needs to waste some time using their imagination in this outdoor play area.
  7. Swings – When kids are big enough to swing on swings without help or supervision, they can be a relaxing way for kids to waste some time out of doors.
  8. Bubble blowing – Using soapy water to blow bubbles is another great outdoor activity for kids who need to fill some time. A light breeze will keep them chasing bubbles across the yard.
  9. Sidewalk chalk – A few sticks of sidewalk chalk can become a creative time-waster for kids. They can create large scenes on the sidewalk or a paved driveway that will wash away with the next rain.
  10. Electronic games – You don’t need to go online to access electronic games. There are plenty of handheld gaming devices for kids to use. These can keep kids fully occupied for many more hours than you may want them to be. The games usually come with different levels of expertise. The challenge to master one level and move up to the next is one of the aspects of these games that keep kids so engaged.

Whether it is wasting some time while waiting to leave the house or waiting for someone to arrive, all of these can be utilized for kids to keep them occupied. It is up to each household to determine what type time-waster they want their kids to be engaged in.