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10 Reasons People Make Rude Gestures at You on the Highway

September 5th, 2011 by admin

You’ve had it happen to you often enough that you’re beginning to wonder, “Why are people always honking or shaking their fists at me when I’m driving? Are people getting ruder, or something?” Well, maybe they are, but maybe you’re earning their honks and gestures. Here are 10 reasons that you may be experiencing so much of this while driving.

1) Oblivious Lane Changes. Do you sometimes change lanes while ignoring what’s going on behind you in that other lane? Do you bother to look in your rear and side view mirrors before a lane change? Drifting out into the left lane as someone is approaching in that lane at a higher speed than yours is a surefire way to hear a horn or see an angry gesture.

2) Tailgating for no Reason. I think I met you on the Freeway, yesterday. I was in the left lane with my cruise control on, passing the cars in the right lane at a steady speed, when I looked up and saw your pickup truck’s radiator grill in my rear view mirror. I politely moved into the right lane when possible. You changed lanes and stayed seventeen inches behind my bumper. What was that about?

3) Parallel Driving. You came up in the left lane at a speed much higher than mine, reached a point exactly adjacent to my vehicle, and then stayed there. As I slowed a bit to let you by, you slowed as well, and increased your speed when I did until I had to step on my brake pedal to drop behind and pass the slower vehicle in the right lane in front of me. Why?

4) Random Speed Changes. It’s okay if you want to drive two mph below the speed limit, but why do you then speed up when I change lanes to pass? Argh!

5) Passing and Slowing. I don’t mind being passed on the freeway or highway, but then you slowed to a speed lower than mine. Really? Honk!

6) Self Appointed Speed Enforcement. Do you sometimes decide that the people in the left (higher-speed) lane shouldn’t be driving over the posted limit, and move to that lane to protect them from themselves? This is law enforcement’s job, not yours.

7) Lanes? What Lanes? You’re in a lane, then you’re partially in one and partially in the other, then you’re back in the first lane, then you go all the way into the other one before coming back to again straddle the line. Please choose one and stick with for awhile, okay?

8) Messing with Motorcycles. I don’t ride, but have friends who do. Did you not see that motorcycle coming up in the other lane, or did you swerve over there to register your dislike for motorcyclists? Motorcycle horns aren’t very loud, so that gesture you received was his or her only effective response.

9) Motorcyclist Entitlement. This is the flip side of the last one. Yes, your motorcycle is maneuverable and fast, but that doesn’t give you the right to avoid a traffic jam by going between cars in adjacent lanes, or to pass the traffic lineup on the shoulder. Remember; annoying drivers in vehicles larger than yours is a bad idea, especially when you’re on two wheels with no crash protection around you.

I’ve saved my current favorite for last. I’m reasonably certain that my favorite will be something else further on up the road, but for the moment, this is it.

10) Traffic Light Inattention. I’m sitting at a red stoplight behind you, waiting for the green, when I see you start digging around in your purse or reaching into your back seat to search for something. The light changes, and there we sit, waiting for you to find what you’re looking for and notice the light change. Pay attention please!

Well, there you have them. If you do any of these on a regular basis, you can count on hearing horns and being the subject of gestures that you probably don’t want your kids to see.