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18 Blogs with Creative Recipes for Apples on a Stick

July 31st, 2013 by admin

Apple treats on a stick, while a signature fall treat, don’t have to be reserved only for the autumn season. Because apples are available year-round, you can make delicious apple-inspired treats throughout the year. From caramel apples to chocolate dipped treats, there are a variety of ways you can transform an ordinary apple into a delicious dessert. These 18 blogs are stocked with recipes that cover the three C’s of apples on a stick – caramel, candy and chocolate!


When deciding to make caramel apples, you can go one of two ways. You can use store bought caramels, which you’ll need to add a little water to and then melt, or you can make your own caramel from scratch. These six blog entries cover recipes that utilize both methods, so you’re able to enjoy a caramel apple any time.


Candy apples used to be defined by their dark red hue, but now you can make candy apples in any color you choose! You’ll be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t like candy apples, and they’re usually an instant and welcome hit at most parties and events. To learn how to make candy apples, read these six blog articles.


Gourmet, chocolate-covered apples are a decadent treat, but you don’t have to spend a fortune buying one at a specialty store. Instead, make up a whole batch at home and let everyone customize their own apples. These six blog posts are full of different ideas for chocolate-dipped apples, and with the help of these recipes you’ll be able to create the perfect custom treat.

25 Blogs Helping You Plan the Perfect Under the Sea Party

July 25th, 2013 by admin

When it comes to planning birthday parties, sometimes ideas seem sparse, and you may find yourself struggling to come up with a unique theme. Instead of exhausting the usual party theme suspects, like superheroes and princesses, try doing an “Under the Sea” party. From sharks and crabs to mermaids, there are plenty of aspects to an “Under the Sea” party that will please both boys and girls. Invitations, decorations, games, food and party favors are all essential parts of any party, and these 25 blog posts will help you pick the perfect one for your sea-themed celebration.


For the perfect ocean-themed invitation, send out a message in a bottle to each invitee or craft your own fish with bubbles. If you don’t have the time or patience to handcraft invitations, order some that relate to the theme. These five blog entries examine all types of invitations you can use for your next “Under the Sea” party.


When it comes to an “Under the Sea” party, decorations come together in a flash. Create seaweed by hanging green streamers on the wall, string blue bubbles together and hang them from the ceiling and create sea creatures out of balloons. These ideas and more can be found in these five blog articles.


Going fishing is an obvious game for children at an “Under the Sea” party, and you can create your own fishing hole by using a kiddie pool. Swap out traditional games with sea-themed ones, such as playing pin the crown on the mermaid instead of pin the tail on the donkey. For more “Under the Sea” games and activities, read through these five blogs.

Dessert Table

For the dessert table, you’ll want to go all out. Create a watery back drop for the table, cover the table with a ‘sea’ colored table cloth and drape a fishing net over one side.  If you can find a rustic crate, you could use it to give your table some height.  Take a look at these five blog entries for some adorable themed desserts to put on your dessert table.

Party Favors

Sometimes party favors are the hardest part of the party. To keep things simple, put some candy in a glass bottle or fill a treasure chest with chocolate gold, small toys and beads. Then have the kids go digging for treasures that they can take home with them. More favor ideas can be found in these five blog articles.

How to Create an Art Studio for Your Preschooler on a Dime

July 11th, 2013 by admin

Few things capture kids’ imaginations and keep them entertained the way that creating and experimenting with art does. While a box of crayons and a sheaf of paper are enough to capture kids’ attention for a while, providing an entire space dedicated to creating art is one of the most supportive and effective methods of fostering a continued love of creation. Presenting your children with their very own art studio doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. With these tips and a bit of creative thinking of your own, you’ll have your budding artists’ juices flowing in no time.

Take Advantage of Available Space

You don’t have to set aside an entire room for a kid-sized art studio. Any nook or cubby in your house will do. Remember, the idea is to give kids an area that’s all their own, where they’re free to experiment with paints, markers and crayons without fears of ruining the furniture. A walk-in closet, area of a large laundry room or even a corner of the kitchen will suffice. Personalizing the space and optimizing it for creation by arranging a kid-height table, accessible shelves and plenty of supplies is all that’s really necessary. Just be sure that the supplies and shelving are accessible without assistance, or you’ll spend more time fetching materials than you’d like.

Create Portable Kits

While there’s something exciting about having a space that’s all his own, your child will also reap the benefits of his own art studio simply by having access to a container he’s able to manage that’s filled with necessary supplies. Pop sidewalk chalk and other outdoor supplies into portable kits so that your little ones are able to take their creative inclinations wherever their spirit moves them.

Snap Up On-Sale Deals

Art supply stores and hobby stores are packed with expensive materials, but they also stock plenty of lower-ticket items that are great for kids. Look for sales at these dedicated stores and snap up great deals so that you’re able to introduce your little ones to new mediums from time to time without breaking the bank.

Think Outside of the Big Retailer Box

Toy stores have lots of art supplies designed to appeal to little ones through clever marketing, but they also have the bolstered prices that come with special markets. Don’t hem yourself or your child in by purchasing exclusively from toy stores. Discount department stores also carry the same brands, often at a fraction of the price. You can also introduce your kids to new and exciting tools that will foster their creativity by purchasing supplies that aren’t branded or marketed to kids.

Use What You Have On Hand

Old newspapers don’t have to go straight to the recycling bin; a handful are great for papier-mâché. Discarded egg cartons are perfect containers for buttons and beads. By looking for ways to reuse things you already have on hand you’ll save money while putting these items to good use through repurposing.

Make the Internet Work For You

There are great deals to be had in brick and mortar stores, and there’s certainly something to be said for supporting a local business. However, there are also great deals on art supplies and kid-sized furniture online, not to mention ideas for placement and studio design. Keep your eyes peeled for outrageous online deals, and take advantage of those clever ideas you see on idea board social networking sites.

Hit Garage Sales and Flea Markets

One man’s trash may be another man’s treasure, and one family’s cast-offs may be your kids’ creative saving grace. When tables will be spattered with paint, stained by markers and drawn on with crayons, snagging used ones at a garage sale that are still in good condition makes more financial sense than spending a fortune on ones that are brand new. Hit flea markets, rummage sales and garage sales for great finds, but keep in mind that used supplies may not always be quite a bargain. Dried paints, crumbled crayons and arid markers aren’t the best tools of the trade, but you’ll be able to spring for great supplies with the money you save by purchasing used furniture and shelving.