25 of the Best Blogs Showing You How to Plan an End of School Year Party

May 13th, 2013 by admin

Soon the pencils and notebooks will be put away and the computers will be turned off, signaling that another school year has come to an end. The kids have worked hard and should celebrate all that they have learned and achieved over the last nine months.  To kick off the party planning take a look at these 25 blog entries to discover creative ideas for throwing the best end of year party ever.


Picking the right theme for the party will make the party planning go a lot easier.  Details will fall into place like decorations, food and activities.  If the party will be held at school you will want to involve the teacher in the planning to make sure that all of the rules are being followed, if not then the sky is the limit.  Pool parties are common end of year gatherings because the venue can accommodate a lot of students.  These five blog posts will present some theme ideas to help during the planning stages.


Set a budget for the decorations because it is easy to go overboard if you have a theme that lends itself easily to lots of decorations.  Determine a color scheme and buy the paper goods in those colors.  Taking the theme into consideration create an atmosphere that makes the theme clear to everyone who attends the party.  For ideas on simple party decorations check out these five blog entries.


It wouldn’t be a party without food, but make sure that the food is kid-friendly so that everyone can find something to eat at the party.  Try to stick with the theme if possible or just go with standard party food like pizza and cupcakes.  Little tricks like toppers and party picks can tie any food into the theme.  For food tips and tricks take a look at these five blog articles.


Plan plenty of games and activities for the party to make sure the kids stay active and involved.  Sometimes one game takes off and is everyone’s favorite, if that happens go with it.  Be flexible with the party schedule and if the kids are having a good time let them keep going.  The same holds true for an activity that falls flat, don’t torture the kids, just move on to the next activity.  To find game ideas for the party read through these five blog posts.

Party Favors

Kids love to have a little something to take home at the end of the party, but it doesn’t have to be a lot and it doesn’t have to break the bank.  Go with something that follows the theme like a jar of cookies for a cookies and milk party or cotton candy for a circus party.  For more cost saving favor ideas look at these five blog entries.

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