30 Blogs for Parents Who Love to Throw Elaborate Kids’ Parties

February 12th, 2013 by admin

Whether you’re an event-coordinating enthusiast from way back who’s just starting to turn your attention to party planning for the pint-sized set or a parent who only cares for parties if the guest list is comprised of youngsters, there’s no denying the fact that putting together a shindig for kids is a blast. These 30 blogs entries are filled with interesting and innovative ideas for kids’ parties and can prove to be very valuable resources for all of your future soirées.

Party Planning

General party planning tips often fall to the wayside in favor of highlighting nifty, handcrafted decorative touches or the perfectly decorated cupcake. However, the basics can’t be forgotten. These five blog entries cover the essentials of party planning for the major events and holidays in a child’s life.

Cute Food

Turning party snacks and meals into edible art not only adds a touch of whimsy to any party, but can also encourage kids to be a bit more adventurous in terms of eating. The ideas in these five blog entries can help you get started on your quest to create the most adorable edibles on the block and can serve as inspiration for your own food art in the future.

Party Games

No party for the smaller set is complete without plenty of games and diversions. While free play definitely has its merits, a well-planned party with a general schedule that includes structured activities will allow you to maintain a bit more control over the tone of the party and stave off some feuds over toys and unstructured play. These five blog entries are a treasure trove of party game ideas and can help you find the perfect activities for your child’s fete.

Decoration Ideas

Part of the fun in planning a party is deciding on the theme and then decorating accordingly. If you’re a crafty parent who loves to turn out your own decorative creations, the ideas in these five blog entries can serve as a great jumping off point for inspiration. Remember: you’re only limited by your imagination!

DIY Party Favors

Kids love party favors, especially those that are a thematic match to the party they’re attending. The best way to make sure that your favors work with the chosen theme of your party is to make them yourself, a task you can complete with relative ease after perusing the ideas offered by these five bloggers.

Kids’ Party Etiquette

Part of planning the perfect party or accompanying your child to a party he’s invited to is making sure that the little guests or guest of honor that you’re responsible for have a basic idea of party etiquette. If you’re a bit in the dark about proper party manners yourself when it comes to shindigs for kids, these five blog entries can help you avoid any major breach of etiquette.

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