30 Blogs with Creative Ideas for Throwing a Candy Land Themed Party

September 19th, 2013 by admin

The board game Candy Land has been a favorite among kids and parents alike for decades. The game, which was invented in 1945, combines two things every child loves: lots of colors and lots of candy. So why not take this childhood favorite and turn it into the inspiration for your child’s next party? For ideas on how to put together the perfect Candy Land themed party, take a look at these 30 blogs.


Candy Land invitations need to be bright and colorful.  You can use store bought invitations that will match the game, or you can get creative and make your own.  These six blogs share the invitations that they used for their Candy Land themed party, providing you with plenty of inspiration for your own. You can copy their ideas or use them as the basis for your invitation inspiration.


When it comes to decorations, you need to keep only one thing in mind: candy, candy and more candy! Create a life-size Candy Land board using colorful squares for the winding pathway, and be sure to add signs along the way that point out the different areas on the board, like “gumdrop pass.”  Make up some signs with gingerbread men on them to put throughout the board, since the playing pieces are gingerbread men.  Check out the pictures of the decorations on these six blogs for more creative ideas.


For Candy Land inspired food ideas, look no further than the Candy Land board. You can make spirals on a toothpick to mimic lollipops and sandwiches cut into gingerbread men shapes.  Get creative and make up your own names for food that might tie into the game.  These six blog posts are full of pictures of the foods that they served at their parties.

Games and Activities

Make some giant color block cards to mimic those in the game and play a life-size game of Candy Land with the kids.  Twister uses the same colors, and you can create a painted game of twister on the grass, making the board as big as it needs to be to accommodate all of the guests.  Create a giant spinner on some poster board and let the kids take turns spinning it.  Decorate some gingerbread men with the kids and then let them bag them up to take home for later.  More games and activities can be found on these six blog entries.

Party Favors

What is the obvious thing to use for a party favor at a Candy Land themed party?  Candy, of course!  Make a candy bar and fill it with all sorts of glass jars containing colorful candy.  At the end of the party, let the kids pick their favorite candies to put into a bag or box to take home. A clever addition to the candy that all the mom’s will love is a toothbrush.  Read through these six blogs for more party favor ideas and how to package them.

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