30 of the Best People to Get Sleep Training Advice From

April 21st, 2013 by admin

If you need advice, tips and training on sleep related problems and disorders affecting infants, children and adults, these 30 blogs feature experts from every field.

  1. The Sleep Lady – Kim West, better known as The Sleep Lady, has been featured on several TV shows, including Dr. Phil, Today Show, NBC Nightly News and Good Morning America.
  2. VI Spring – Dr Neil Stanley is the resident sleep expert at VI Spring. This blog contains expert sleep analysis and tips for people of all ages.
  3. Snoozester – This blog is a directory of sleep related resources from across the web. Snoozester is both informative and easy to use, with a focus on community driven sleep information.
  4. Sleep Education – The American Academy of Sleep Medicine offers advice on a wide range of sleep related conditions. The blog also provides a tool to find sleep disorder clinics in your area.
  5. WebMD: Sleep Well – This is WebMD’s very own sleep expert blog.  Clinical Psychologist Michael Breus is on hand as a guest blogger to answer all your sleep related questions.
  6. Baby Sleep Guide – A mom’s guide to baby sleep, this blog contains a wealth of related information. The sleep help index is especially useful for quickly finding help for your specific sleep problems.
  7. Sleepio – Inspired by the clinically proven sleep program of the same name, you will find expert blog entries on every sleep related topic on Sleepio.
  8. The Sleep Doctor – Michael Breus, who also writes for WebMD, offers extendsive advice and services as The Sleep Doctor. Dr Breus specializes in sleep disorders and related treatments.
  9. Sleep Disorders Gone – Donene Lashbrook is a CEO and recovering insomniac who now dedicates her time to finding natural health cures for sleep disorders.
  10. Wake Up Narcolepsy – This blog focuses on finding cures for narcolepsy and provides resources, tips and support for sufferers of the condition.
  11. N is for Narcolepsy – Ellie is a narcolepsy sufferer and writer. She combines tips and coping strategies from her own experience with advice and resources from sleep experts, bringing you a blog that will help you fight the effects of narcolepsy.
  12. DSPS, a Sleep Disorder – Delayed sleep-phase syndrome is a little known disorder, often confused with laziness or badly managed sleep patterns. This blog aims to raise awareness and help sufferers get a good night’s rest.
  13. Vital Sleep – While Vital Sleep is a blog that mainly deals with snoring disorders, they also offer advice and resources on other disorders and sleep training. Topics cover everything from bed wetting to holistic sleep remedies.
  14. Sleep No Sleep – This blog deals with all aspects of sleep deprivation, with a special focus on insomnia and similar conditions. Sleep No Sleep is the brain child of Australian film production company, Mindful Media.
  15. Good Night’s Sleep – Alanna is a mom of three and a certified sleep consultant. This blog focuses on helping families get back to healthy sleep patterns using great tips, advice and practices.
  16. Baby Sleep Site – Baby Sleep Site has all the tools you need to train your little ones to sleep soundly. You can download free guides, read articles with helpful advice or arrange personal consultations with a sleep coach.
  17. SleepyTot – This expert and community based site has a team of sleep consultants, as well as a form where parents can share tips and advice on sleep training for babies.
  18. Sleep Training Solutions – Seminars, success stories and behavioral training from Kim Schaf will help you and your family cope with any sleep related problems.
  19. Sleep Baby Sleep – A mommy blog that provides detailed training on how to get your baby to sleep. This blogger is both a nurse and mom who brings her professional expertise to the blog.
  20. Sleep is for the Weak – SIFTW is a to-the-point, no-holds-barred sleep training blog. This blog combines the experience and expertise of a team of mommy bloggers.
  21. Science of Mom – A huge directory of sleep related articles from a blog that pools parenting resources on every subject.
  22. Baby Calm – Baby Calm is a unique training program that seeks to bring empowerment to parents through innovative classes, techniques and advice.
  23. Mission Mommy – A journal of one mommy’s trials and tribulations. Mission Mommy has an entire section dedicated to sleep training.
  24. Light Therapy – Light Therapy Products present this blog as an aide to all who suffer from sleepless nights. You will find articles on low energy, seasonal depression and other symptoms and causes of sleep disorder here.
  25. Sleep Disorders Guide – With over 20 categories that deal with various sleep disorders, this is one of the most in-depth sleep disorder blogs available.
  26. Sleep Tracker – Tips, member stories and an extensive FAQ make the sleep tracker blog a go-to source for training on various sleep-related conditions.
  27. Valley Sleep Centre – Based in Arizona, this blog offers excellent training tips and resources for those suffering from sleep disorders.
  28. Sleep Well Blog – An easy to use blog with a glossary on sleep problems and advice, arranged in alphabetical order.
  29. Mums Net – Mums Net is a well-established web resource for parents. You will find reviews on books, sleep articles and a whole range of sleep-related forum topics.
  30. Sleep Solutions – This blog is an online accompaniment to the “Sleep Book” by Ann Douglas. The blog expands on topics taken from the acclaimed sleep training guide.
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