Babysitter Wanted in San Francisco

December 4th, 2008 by admin


I have a case for your babysitter wanted blog. I really need a great babysitter and I need her today! I do not want to sound desperate but, to be perfectly honest, my kids try to scare away every babysitter that I hire. Many of these girls are incredibly sweet but they always refuse to accept babysit again after just a few hours! I have tried hard to get them to give me a reason but they never say a word and my three boys always deny any foul play. They are tricky though and they certainly love the attention so I would not be surprised if they just act so obnoxious that they pay is not worth it for the sitter!

I need a sitter that is not only brave enough to take on my three boys but someone who might actually earn their respect and admiration! They are always perfect angels around me but I would not put it past them to turn into little crazy devils the second my car leaves the driveway. If you can find a babysitter that is up to the challenge, please contact me right away!


Babysitter Wanted in San Francisco

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