Babysitting Games To Entertain Toddlers

November 19th, 2009 by admin

I am going to babysit a 2-year old little boy this week. It will be somewhat of a challenge because I have never actually taken care of children younger than four and my expertise is generally geared towards children who are in elementary school. Kids who are school-aged generally have the ability to speak and therefore communicate their desires and discontent relatively clearly. The younger they get, the harder it is to convey their feelings. In fact, I am told that two-year olds often act out because they are so frustrated with not being able to make people understand what they are trying to get across. Recently, I researched valuable ways to keep young children on their toes with excitement.

An important part of my baby sitting methodology is using educational and fun babysitting games. When they are being irritable and inconsolable, the easiest solution would be to place them in front of a television. However, because their parents usually have rules against this and because it‘s a pretty vapid activity, I prefer to engage them in more interactive babysitting games.

Because two-year olds are still forming their cognitive skills, playing something like a board game would be near impossible. Since tots like to put everything they see in their mouths, the game pieces would end up being choking hazards. I read up about some online games that would be both educational and interactive babysitting games. A site like provides caretakers with a ton of virtual activities for toddlers and preschoolers. You can have them sit on your lap or on a tall chair while you lead them through all the colorful shapes and movements. Another way to entertain toddlers is by playing simple games. They absolutely love make-believe and role-playing time because they get to pretend to be their favorite heroes. This kind of babysitting game is probably most interactive so don’t be surprised if you have to chase a little king around the house for an hour. At least you’ll be working off some calories!

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