Getting a Certificate From Red Cross Babysitting

November 15th, 2009 by admin

To be a trusted professional babysitter, it’s always wise to get the proper credentials. If you’re sixteen and watching your baby brother then you probably wouldn’t have to go through rigorous training but it’s important to know the basics. For me, I knew I had to get an official certificate that says that I’m trained at Red Cross Babysitting. These past two weeks, I underwent an intensive course to prepare me  for the responsibilities of being an effective babysitter.

The class is designed for anyone looking to be a trained babysitter–that includes anyone from teenagers to older people who want to know modern techniques on caring for their grandchildren. The first day was just an orientation and introductory period. There were about twenty people in my class so it was relatively small and intimate. I was able to talk to other babysitters about their experiences and share valuable tips and advice.

At this Red Cross Babysitting course, they teach you both physical and theoretical skills. There are hands-on activities where you can experience lessons directly. You will be trained in CPR administration by practicing on a dummy and  you will also learn first-aid know-how. Afterwards, you will also be taught things like how to provide the children with nutritious snacks and how to react to an unruly child.

At the end of my two-week course, I felt much more well-equipped for the babysitting industry. As proven by my shiny certificate, I knew I had graduated with a world of new knowledge and practical skills.

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