How to Get Recommendations as a Babysitter

November 28th, 2009 by admin

As a veteran babysitter, I have had several jobs in the business. I have been told that I am very effective at doing what I do and I have heard from some that I should even start a business training other babysitters. Although I have yet to do that, I will include in this blog several tips and pointers on being a  successful babysitter and ultimately, how to get recommendations.

-Be respectful — This is the most important tip to any kind of relationship. No matter how tough the child is, you cannot bend your morals. You can be firm when you need to but never be mean or abusive in any way. You are the older one and it is your responsibility to set a good example.

-Be prepared–I like to bring with me a bag of “goodies” which include little games and treats for when the child I’m caring for is being good. Also bring with you a first aid kit in case they don’t have one in the house and the child gets hurt.

-Be on time–Babysitting is just like any job where you have to arrive in a timely manner. Being there when you’re scheduled to reminds the parents that you are a responsible figure and that you care about doing a good job. Conversely, if you arrive late, they won’t have the confidence in you as a babysitter and may even refuse to hire you again. 

-Follow the rules–Ok, so it may be an indoctrinated natural tendency to go against what parents say but when they are not your own and actually your employers, it may be prudent to do what they say. When the parents of the child you’re looking after wants them to get to bed at a certain time, try to stay faithful to that limit. Guidelines will change depending on the parent because they all have their own concerns and priorities.

If you adhere to most of these babysitting tips then you will no doubt get a positive recommendation from your employers. If you have done everything that you can and they still don’t give you a referral, it’s ok. You will get many more chances.

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