How to Keep Your Babysitting Schedule Straight

July 10th, 2012 by admin

Keeping a schedule straight when you have multiple babysitting clients can be tricky, and it’s important to make sure that you take the time to keep accurate records on who you will be sitting for, and when.  Keeping a pad of paper and a pocket calendar with you can help ensure you gather the information needed to book a babysitting job without worry that it conflicts with another.

When you take a phone call from a new client, make sure that you get all of their information. Creating a client form template with space for the family’s name, contact information, and information about the children can be helpful.

Before committing to a gig, check your calendar for your availability. As soon as you book a babysitting job, update your calendar.  Ask if the time they’ll be home is firm or flexible. If they are unsure about the time they’ll return home and it could be later you don’t book jobs back to back.

Keep the client sheets filed alphabetically so that you can find them in a hurry if you need to reference the family’s information.  Make sure to note on the client sheet if anything noteworthy happens during the time you are babysitting.  If the client comes home hours after when they told you, note that on the sheet.  If there’s anything you want to note about the child or children that will help you the next time you provide care, do it on the sheet.  Be sure to make a special note if the child has allergies.

Mark your calendar when you have a babysitting job lined up.  Make sure to confirm the job a few days before it is scheduled, to ensure that there has been no change in plans.  Once a job is confirmed, highlight it or write “confirmed” next to it to indicate that that you have confirmed the job.

If you are keeping a hard copy of your calendar at home or an electronic copy on your computer, make sure to transfer that information to your phone’s calendar so that you always have access to your schedule.


There are many different types of calendars on the market.  Make sure to pick one that fits your lifestyle and needs. If all of your information is on your phone, but you forget to charge the phone and you need the information, you will be in trouble.  Try to keep your dates in two places, one electronic and one physical, just in case you need a backup.

If you have reoccurring jobs, you can write each client on your calendar in a different color.  Make sure to write your own appointments and scheduled events in black so that you don’t mistakenly schedule yourself to babysit when you have a personal commitment.

Taking on multiple babysitting jobs is a great way to earn extra money. Be sure to manage your babysitting jobs properly so that you are prepared to arrive at the right place, at the right time.

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