What a Babysitter Should Do in Case of Emergency

October 22nd, 2009 by admin

If you’re the babysitter, or plan to start babysitting, then there are certain things you should know how to do if an emergency arises. When parents hire a babysitter, they will be more apt to hire you if you know CPR. You should take an emergency care class and become certified in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).

As the babysitter, make sure you have easy access to important phone numbers and a stocked emergency kit. If the situation at hand is more serious, don’t panic. If your reaction is calm, then it will make for a quicker and clearer way of thinking. Time is of the essence in an emergency, and if you panic, it can take precious time away from the victim.

Make sure there you have contact numbers for the parents while they’re away from home. The first number you will need to dial will be 911. The parents should be the next party you call immediately, as you’ll need to be able to reach them directly should an emergency occur.

As the babysitter, you should have emergency instructions written down and kept in a place that will be easy to retrieve if needed. See if there is a way you can aid the child or infant. If it is a choking situation, then you should see if you can clear the obstructed airway. If it has been a fall and a bump to the head has occurred, then keeping the child awake will be best, especially if they’re becoming lethargic.

For lacerations, punctures, or serious cuts to the body, controlling the bleeding until help arrives is crucial. Use something safe that is close by to apply pressure to the wound. Do not take your hand off of it. If a child has received a puncture to the body and the object is still there, don’t remove it, or it can cause hemorrhaging. Leave the object where it is, it can help keep the bleeding down by acting as a plug where it entered. Emergency care classes can help babysitters with emergency situations.

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