How It Works

Trying to figure out how much to pay anyone can be a nerve-racking experience. Whether it’s how much to tip the waitress, or how much to pay the stylist at your salon. When you’re a member of we want to make the task of paying yourbabysitter, just like being a member; easy and simple! Our suggestion for figuring out how to pay your sitter, is to ask around. Find out what people in your neighborhood are paying for their childcare. This can offer a great gauge for you to go by. Other options are that a lot of our sitters request their own wage. This usually provides you with a range, and is somewhat negotiable, depending on the situation. You should keep in mind, the wage is different if there’s one child, or multiple children. Also, if it’s during the day, where kids will be running around, or if you expect chores to be done, and dinner to be cooked. If it’s for an evening, where one child will likely be sleeping for the duration, the wage might be slightly lower than for watching multiple children, and preparing dinner for them. Ultimately, babysitting is just like anything else, and wage can depend on experience, demeanor, what is expected, and age. Typically, the range for a babysitter, per hour, ranges from $7.00 to $17.00, an hour.

For our babysitters, their wage can also increase with the higher their rating is. A high rating signifies that the babysitter is in high demand, and parents are willing to pay more for a better, more experienced sitter. With great feedback and a high rating, parents are more willing to have a higher babysitter pay for those more in demand and trusted. A good rating tells parents that the sitter is likely to go above and beyond their expectations, and go the extra mile to ensure a great experience. We reward this type of behavior by increasing their score. A simple way to find out the going rate, would be to ask their references how much they paid. Since we offer their contact information, simply by being a member, you can connect with sitter’s references to ensure you’re being fair when it comes to their hourly wage.

If a babysitter sets their own wage requirements, you should expect it to be connotative with the relationship you build with them. If they are asking for a wage on the higher end of the spectrum, you should see exceptional service. A great babysitter is always prepared, asks questions and knows how to handle unexpected situations.

Discussing babysitter rates for your sitter doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. You can start by offering what you’re willing to pay, and see what the sitter says. Typically, the wage should be discussed prior to the first meeting to ensure no problems, and you should also discuss means of paying, for example, will it be cash or check? It’s more beneficial to take care of these questions prior to your first meeting to ensure everything goes smoothly. Once you agree on a wage, you can sit back and relax knowing your family is in good hands with!