Our Certifications

At Babysitters.net, we want to offer our sitter’s all of the tools that we can to help them become the very best sitters around. We are dedicated to having the most qualified sitters as our members, so we offer our own babysitting certification. This is a tool we offer to our members to help build their profile, and increase their knowledge as a babysitter. We strongly encourage our sitters to get certified by us, whether you’re a new sitter starting out, or looking to add to your resume, getting certified can only help you. The certification process includes a thorough background check, offering parents complete confidence in their choices at eBabysitters.com. We also require that at the end of our certification process, babysitters take and pass a certification test.

For a babysitter, getting certified is a great way to increase your exposure, and build your profile with us. It’s often that extra piece of experience that makes parents look twice at your profile. It shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile, and let’s them know you’re serious about taking care of their child. Also, if you’re a new babysitter, we understand sometimes it’s hard to get your first few jobs under your belt, so taking the certification class, can often be an extremely helpful way to get your career started!

We offer our certification course on a voluntary basis, but we do encourage all of our sitters to enroll when they sign up for our membership. Taking the class, is like anything else, you get what you put into it. If you’re serious about being a dedicated and efficient sitter, then you’ll take the extra time to get certified, and happily add the course to your accomplishments and use it as a tool to build your profile.

Babysitting is our passion, and being able to bridge the gap between parents looking for help, and sitters looking for work, is what we’re all about. We strive to connect the best sitters, that will match parent’s qualifications and not only meet their expectations, but exceed them. By taking our certification class, it can only improve your skills, and help build your profile, meaning more jobs for you.