Tips & Tricks

For Finding the Right Babysitter

Usually when people are trying to find a babysitter, they ask around. They hope to find a gem in the midst of a highly populated neighborhood, with children everywhere. In addition to finding that gem, they hope to find someone who will consistently be available for them. Unfortunately, we know that this is often a high hope. At it’s our goal to not make it a high hope, but to make it a simple reality; find a sitter, when you need one. You can still have the same confidence in our babysitters, by building friendships, and communicating with other parents. Not only can you see their comments, and read their reviews, but you can communicate with them directly and ask their opinions. Our members also get the feedback from our babysitter’s references. Most sitters have their references available on their profiles. You can easily communicate with their references, and get first hand testimonials from people who have worked with the sitter before.

All of our babysitters have profiles with ratings that grow and increase the longer they use our service. If other parents consistently request services of a specific babysitter, their rating goes up. If they are requested by multiple families often, their rating will also go up. Every parent who hires a sitter, is encouraged to leave feedback on their sitter’s page. If they had a great experience, we ask that you leave that comment, so other parents and prospective user’s can keep that information in mind when looking for the right match. It helps to have babysitting tips and reviews on hand when deciding on the right sitter.

Preparing for a New Sitter

There are a lot of things to consider when introducing a new babysitter to your family. You want your sitter to have all of the knowledge and information necessary for him/her to provide the very best childcare. Here we have a few suggestions of things you may want to have on hand for their first visit. Makes sure you have a few extra minutes with your sitter before leaving to show the sitter around, point out any necessary safety precautions, show them the exits, the first aid kit and show them where any necessary medications are for the children, like an inhaler, Tylenol, etc.

It’s also important to have a list of phone numbers, some of this information will remain the same whenever you have a sitter, for example, any special instructions, allergies, contact phone numbers, the closest cross street incase of emergency, as well the child’s names and dates of birth. This list will usually remain the same so it’d be a good idea to just have a permanent list. There are going to be things that might change though, for example, the name and phone number of the establishment you’re going to be at for the evening, what’s for dinner, or any chores you expect to be done by your sitter. Having these two lists can save lots of time, and you can leave for the evening feeling confident that your sitter has all of the information that they will need.

What to Expect from a Great Sitter

At, we constantly strive to ensure that only the most dedicated and active babysitters are in our database. A great babysitter is accommodating and tries to work with your schedule, as well as openly communicates, in advance, any dates or times the sitter is not available. Of course reliability is a huge component of our sitters. There’s nothing worse than having babysitting jobsbooked, and then getting cancelled at the last minute. Surely, things come up beyond our control, but we work to ensure that our parent’s are never left high and dry and that parents can count on their sitters.

A great sitter is always prepared. Maybe they bring their own toys for the kids to play with, or their homework to do while the kids are asleep. In any job, it’s important to ask questions, so we encourage sitters to ask questions while they’re becoming familiar with a family. “Are there any foods that are prohibited after dinner?” Or “What are the kid’s favorite toys?” These questions ensure that the sitter is dedicated and wants to leave a good impression with not only the parents, but also the children.

Every family is different, and so are the sitters. Some parents expectations of what they want their sitter to do are very high. They ask that dinner be cooked, laundry done, and the kids bathed and put into bed. Our goal is to match those scenarios with the sitter’s that are prepared and experienced in doing all of those things. While, there are some that just need someone to ensure their child does their homework for a few hours. The importance of communication is key. We try to have our sitter’s communicate in their profile what they are willing to do, and for our parents we ask they communicate and include in the post what they expect from their sitters. These open lines of communication are key for making the right match between the parents and a great babysitter.

While, every family’s needs are different, having a membership at will give parents the flexibility of choosing from only the best sitters in the area to meet those needs!

Red Flags to Watch Out For When Choosing a Sitter

Of course, we work hard to only provide you with the best and most qualified sitters in your area, but sometimes there are signs to watch out for when deciding on a sitter. There are the general guidelines, that you want to choose a sitter who is fully engaged in your children, and your conversation. If you feel yourself showing them the emergency list, and what not to feed the children after 6pm, and they say “ya, ok.” Or seem to be hardly listening, then it might be something to keep an eye on. If they’re disengaged in your conversation, they will most likely be disengaged in your children, when you leave. It’s also important that they show an effort to connect with the kids. If your children cry at the thought of being left alone with the same sitter again, then chances are you might want to find a different sitter. It’s also important to have boundaries with your sitter. If you feel comfortable with them, and want to allow them to have a friend over while they’re babysitting, that’s fine, but if the sitter just assume it on their own, then that is a huge problem. It’s also important that if you hire a sitter, they are invested in their job. If your sitter seems to come over and withdraw from the kids and just sits quietly in front of the television, then they’re not doing their duties, and that’s when accidents tend to happen. Keep an eye open for excessive accidents. Of course, kids are kids, and they’re going to get into some trouble, but if things out of the ordinary frequently happen, then you might want to think twice about hiring them again. Their job is to monitor your child or children, and you know your kids best. If you’re sensing a problem, inquire with the sitter, and if necessary, terminate the agreement you have. Your child’s safety is the most important thing to us, so if you sense any problems or issues, please report them immediately. While these occurrences are far and few between, we’re dedicated to keeping it outside the walls of the, and will do whatever is necessary to continue to do so.